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  1. Today I ordered fries from McDonalds (in Oklahoma), and I know the lady that took my order. Her husband has celiac, and...
  2. kbug

    Any Celiac Teens Out There?

    Gintare me too! My pants won't button at allll... and good luck trying to wear a fitting shirt, right?
  3. Oh my! I have horrible headaches when I eat gluten, I still live with my family too... and I'm a vegetarian as well...
  4. Hey everybody! I am a newbie and I am a little intimidated, but extremely excited I have finally found what's worng...
  5. kbug

    Am I Overreacting Here?

    It's because they don't understand... they don't have to live with the pain. It becomes very difficult with family and...
  6. kbug

    Newly Diagnosed Celiac Here :)

    It's so true. It is overwhelming... I just found out I am a celiac, and it's hard news to really realize and grasp. And...