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  1. Today I ordered fries from McDonalds (in Oklahoma), and I know the lady that took my order. Her husband has celiac, and she is used to scoping out labels. She found on the back of the cardboard box the fries are shipped in that there is a wheat derivative in the fries. She even brought a box out so I could see for myself. This makes perfect sense to me, since my stomach always hurt after eating fries there. I'm not sure if a "derivative" is enough to cause a problem, but BEWARE!
  2. Gintare me too! My pants won't button at allll... and good luck trying to wear a fitting shirt, right?
  3. Oh my! I have horrible headaches when I eat gluten, I still live with my family too... and I'm a vegetarian as well! It's horrible to live life in pain. I did it too and it's wonderful to feel ALIVE again... don't hurt yourself for your family's sake. I made this mistake and it isn't going to happen again. No matter how much you love them, you can't sacrifice your health (basically your day to day life, and happiness!) for someone else's convenience. Please try a gluten free diet! And try to stay on it! I have a headache right now that I got from some root beer earlier... they are really bad headaches! Mine go all the way from the base of my neck and wrap around to my cheekbones. Even if you can't afford most gluten free items (I can't either!) then try to read as many labels as you can. Raw fruits and vegetables don't have gluten in them and if you buy frozen, it shouldn't be too expensive. Don't feel like you have to sit at the dinner table and eat gluten. It is possible to fix your own, relatively cheap gluten free food! Being a vegetarian makes it twice as hard, although it eliminates the worry of gluten being used as filler in chicken and other meats. Peanut butter (organic is usually gluten free), garbonzo beans, boiled eggs and nuts are all really good sources of protien, as I'm sure you know! Watch out for tofu, it can contain gluten. Good luck! You're not alone!
  4. Hey everybody! I am a newbie and I am a little intimidated, but extremely excited I have finally found what's worng with me! I am wondering what kind of flour I can use to bake with? I'm not sure if I'm sensitive to wheat or not, but I know for SURE I can't eat gluten. I've read online that I could use gluten free flour to bake with? How does rice flour work? Just curious! and I am so glad I found a forum filled with people like me, celiac disease can be kinda scary and isolating. Yay for forums!
  5. It's because they don't understand... they don't have to live with the pain. It becomes very difficult with family and friends, because unless they are really trying to do what's best for you, they won't really think about the fact that one little protien in a tiny amount will make you suffer for days. This is why communication is really important, and sometimes it doesn't help. But we keep on trying anyway! If he loves you he defintely should put out some effort, not just what is convienient for him.
  6. It's so true. It is overwhelming... I just found out I am a celiac, and it's hard news to really realize and grasp. And it's difficult to eat ANYTHING with anyone else. (Food really is a social thing!) It took me three days to notice a difference. My whole body started to work again, all of it! Within two weeks I felt like I had died and gone to heaven with no aches or pains, and this was after four years. I was lucky and found out early in life; some people don't find out for decades. Reba32 is right, when I eat gluten now my reaction is much more severe.
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