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  1. this thread scares me because i have many of the items listed here in my home. the corn meal got me bad.
  2. i believe gluten has caused my anxiety and depression issues all my life. by week 3 of being gluten free i felt so relaxed and happy. i got glutened last week and i could tell almost immediately because the panic feeling came back very quickly.
  3. when i went on my first round of gluten/dairy free diet i lost nearly 30lbs in 5 months. at the time i was 5 months post partum, breastfeeding(burns around 500 calories a day) and working full time on my feet. i was not eating enough fat but i also think a lot of that weight was inflammation. ...
  4. i have KP as do my sister and mother. they both have gluten intolerance. my mother has thyroid issues also. my daughter seems to have skin issues and she has a wheat intolerance. there's definitely a connection with our family.