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    working out, being a personal trainer, audiology work in an ENT clinic, anime and video games, reading, drawing and sketching
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    Vancouver, B.C.

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Gluten-free since February 9, 2010; minimal improvement as of April 10, 2010

Now trying lectin and soy free diet

  1. While I haven't tried it yet, I am intrigued by Alpha ENF (there is also Alpha PMX, which has less protein), which can be ordered online (just google Alpha Nutrition products, and that should get you to their site). I like the formulation, as it is designed to give a balance of all nutrients, not...
  2. For me, I am very thankful that products/manufacturers who label their items "gluten-free" will tell me that the item was produced in a place that also processes gluten-containing items. Then, it is my choice if I feel it is appropriate for ME to consume. If they didn't have to say their products...
  3. Ensure, which is labeled gluten-free, got me: "three for three" ie. drank 3 of them, one every 2nd or third day, and got migraines 30 - 90 min. after drinking a bottle.
  4. I have had rib-cage pain also! I have areas of sharp pain when I press on the lower edge of the ribs on the left side, and higher up on both sides I have a sense of pressure/heaviness that can become worse for no rhyme or reason that can spread into my back and cause breathlessness - not short of...
  5. I would suggest you get blood tests done to determine if you are low in any vitamins or minerals (I'm not sure if they can test for all of the main ones or not, but they can test several). I know that some vitamins can cause harm if taken in excess, so you don't want to take what you don't need...
  6. I agree there is a need for more (both in terms of number and level of expertise) knowledgeable services, in my area as well. I was sent initially sent to a dietician who was considered an "expert" in celiac disease, but I found her coverage of what to/what not to eat, shopping, cooking and dining...
  7. Thanks for your reply, and for telling me how to find my posts if they've been moved You are possibly correct that I haven't given the gluten-free diet long enough, but because I'm so sure of being gluten-free for the past 5 weeks and still get episodes of worsening symptoms when I haven't had...
  8. Hi, I've been extremely careful avoiding gluten, and have not had any processed or pre-packaged foods (with the help of another family member, so everything has been double-checked!). However, 5-6 weeks later, my symptoms (upper abdominal and rib fullness/pressure, breathlessness, frequent low...