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  1. Hi - you may want to look up something called myoclonus to see if this fits your symptoms. I had this, but it is now controlled with medication. I still have minor hand tremors but not the spasm/jerking you're referring to. I was diagnosed...
  2. Very true, that training in gluten free practice and actually carrying it out are two different things. I have always believed this as well. I have had celiac now for 5 years, and have yet to eat out in a restaurant that is not dedicated...
  3. I just saw the article saying that Pizza Hut is now making a pizza that is certified as gluten free by the gluten intolerance group. This is confusing: is it or is it not safe for those with celiac disease?
  4. Other intestinal conditions can have symptoms similar to celiac disease, and also improve somewhat on a gluten-free diet. Two such conditions I know of are colitis and eosinophilic esophagitis (my spelling is probably a bit off). If the...
  5. I developed lactose intolerance after going gluten-free as well. I too, would like to know of any medical explanation for this, esp. when my last endoscopy showed the vili to be back to normal. I've heard other people say they have developed...
  6. What I was told by my gastroenterologist about eating before the test was to eat even more gluten than usual. The reason given is that some endoscopy results can come back equivocal and if someone truly has celiac, even just a few days...
  7. This is a REALLY old topic now, but for anyone who lands here searching for PB info. thought I'd add that MaraNatha peanut butter is also gluten-free and absolutely delicious!
  8. masterjen

    Something Really Scary Has Happened

    I was thinking about the recent follow-up I had with the neuro., and he suggested that the seizures I have are not classic epileptic in nature, and that what might explain the symptoms is some form of dystonia. I put this out of my mind...
  9. masterjen

    Something Really Scary Has Happened

    Thanks, gabby - I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me this!
  10. masterjen

    Something Really Scary Has Happened

    A med. I was initially taking for about 2 weeks was clobazam, which worked minimally to control the seizures. Once in the hospital I was initially given IV dilantin which was then switched to oral, but after 5 days on this I was so out...
  11. masterjen

    Surviving A Hospital Stay

    Hi, mushroom; Glad to hear you survived your hospital experience. When I was cooped up in the hospital for 2 weeks recently, I ended up having to have my mom bring in all my meals. The hospital cooking staff tried, I'm sure, but in my...
  12. masterjen

    Something Really Scary Has Happened

    Sorry for being out of touch for awhile. The neuro. put me in the hospital for 2 weeks: what a nightmare - boring as heck, and got gluttened twice on the hospital's so-called gluten free menu (cc, I'm sure), and after the first few days...
  13. masterjen

    Something Really Scary Has Happened

    I'm "willing" the phone to ring with the results (should come in today or tomorrow). The anxiety and nervousness waiting for the celiac test results was nothing compared to this I know "patience is a virtue" (or whatever that saying is...
  14. masterjen

    Something Really Scary Has Happened

    Didn't get electrocuted during the EEG (lol). Interesting experience; some minor version of shaking/seizures were triggered, so I hope this means there will be some answers (had to breathe following a certain pattern for part of the test...