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    Other than my family.....at the moment, getting well, so I can actually pursue my interests, such as: Boating, fishing, camping, gardening, horseback riding, weight training, caligraphy (believe it or not this is painful), and especially fiddle playing (VERY painful)! I also love reading, and am learning to play the banjo and piano---but then, these aren't too painful! Next up---the hammered dulcimer, when I get it fixed. I really love traditional Irish and Scottish music. Would like to learn to crochet, if it doesn't give me tennis elbow like knitting did.
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    The lovely-in-summer, otherwise wet & dreary NW

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  1. Wish we had a Chipotle's around here. They sound yummy.
  2. Oh wow, thanks stupid Qdoba! I ate there for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and after very carefully questioning the woman who helped us, who seemed fairly knowledgeable, I ordered the Ancho Chili BBQ on a corn tortilla, and we also had corn chips. All of which, according to their website...
  3. Good grief, Mtnplanner, your story could almost be mine! Down to the sub-clinical hypothyroidism! Although the Atkins diet is about the only one I haven't tried, and I was going to start it this weekend. My doc wants to do an adrenal test, along with testing for food allergies and LGS (and a few...
  4. I'm such a dork! I just now noticed Rice Guy's post, don't know how I missed it! Sorry Rice Guy, you basically said the same thing, I think. Didn't mean to parrot you.
  5. Well, since this looks like a fairly old thread, maybe by now you've perfected it. If so, then disregard! But if not....o.k., I'm not sure this will help, since it appears you're not using yeast in this bread. But baking powder is a leavening agent, so maybe the theory would work...just have to try...
  6. On this site are lists of g.f. foods, and also a list of villains. The links are in the green area on the left of this page: https://www.celiac.com/ That's the only thing I know of, as I'm really new at this, too. Maybe someone else knows of other helpful lists?