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    Other than my family.....at the moment, getting well, so I can actually pursue my interests, such as: Boating, fishing, camping, gardening, horseback riding, weight training, caligraphy (believe it or not this is painful), and especially fiddle playing (VERY painful)! I also love reading, and am learning to play the banjo and piano---but then, these aren't too painful! Next up---the hammered dulcimer, when I get it fixed. I really love traditional Irish and Scottish music. Would like to learn to crochet, if it doesn't give me tennis elbow like knitting did.
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    The lovely-in-summer, otherwise wet & dreary NW

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  1. Black Sheep

    Gluten Free Challah Bread

    I haven't, but I would also be interested in hearing how it is. My d.i.l. makes challa bread which is not g.f., and it would be nice to hand her a recipe that is!
  2. Black Sheep


    Wish we had a Chipotle's around here. They sound yummy.
  3. New Cascadia---is that a franchise, or a privately-owned bakery?
  4. Black Sheep

    Pie Crust!

    Marilyn---you're welcome! Let us know how it turns out.
  5. Black Sheep

    Rice Bloody Krispies

    Ohmygosh, I hear 'ya there! The same thing happened to me, about 7 years ago I think. I had over time, become so sick, I could barely function. So I went to an N.D. at a famous clinic run by a phenomenal homeopathic doc (but not all the docs at his clinic do things his way, I've found). Some things she diagnosed or suspected exactly right--like my severe pernicious anemia, which was caused by almost non-existent stomach acid (both of which I was tested for, so those were for-sure things). She was also correct in suspecting Celiac (which probably in turn caused my low s.a.)---but where imo she messed up was in not testing for it, as I had good ins. at the time. She had me do the challenge test, which would have been fine except that she also had me meet w/the clinic nutritionist, who of course warned me extensively about wheat, rye, and barley---as in, the grains and flours. I was so uneducated, I never thought about barley malt, and other things like that! I even bought a couple of books they had, which were mostly cookbooks about food allergies/sensitivities in general, but didn't really educate. At that time I was new to the Web (yeah I was living under a rock!), had no clue that there was so much info out there, or how to find it. Although who knows, maybe back then there wasn't that much celiac/gluten info out there? Anyway, I tried to go g.f. for a month like she told me to....bought g.f. flours, read labels.....but label-reading only helps so much if you don't know what all to look for. And restaurants---forget it! I had no idea that gluten was in practically everything, and never questioned anything in a restaurant! I just thought that if I avoided breads, pastas, etc. I was safe. So with good old 20/20 hindsight, it's easy to see why, after an entire month of being "g.f.", I felt no difference whatsoever. So when I reported this back to my doc, she said "Well, I thought for sure that gluten had something to do with your problems, but....I guess not." I also kick myself though, for not doing more to ferret out all the info I could. So don't, as they say, "feel like the Lone Ranger"!
  6. Black Sheep

    Rice Bloody Krispies

    Well, if they need malt to make it taste good, I don't see why they couldn't use sorghum malt, like they do for making g.f. beer. Once I've lost the weight I want to lose (I'm halfway there, from eating low-carb!), I want to start brewing my own g.f. beer, using sorghum malt. And yes I can have a beer now and then and not gain weight! I just figure, if it works for beer, why not other recipes that normally call for barley malt?
  7. Black Sheep


    Oh wow, thanks stupid Qdoba! I ate there for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and after very carefully questioning the woman who helped us, who seemed fairly knowledgeable, I ordered the Ancho Chili BBQ on a corn tortilla, and we also had corn chips. All of which, according to their website, contain gluten. All of which I was assured at the restaurant did not. So apparently I got glutened, and didn't even know it, since I don't have bad reactions, and since I have a horrific case of LGS which causes near-constant D. already. Which is slowly healing, although I'm sure gluten isn't helping that any! Hmm, must be time to write a nastygram to the owner and mgr. of that place.
  8. *wild applause* Fabulous!
  9. Agreed! Call me suspicious (and I am), but that article smacks of someone with something to lose; like huge profits. It seems to have the fingerprints of the wheat industry all over it.
  10. Black Sheep

    Rice Bloody Krispies

    Oh, don't feel bad, I've done it, too! I've been g.f. since March, and at first I was fanatical about checking every label. But after several months, I would start forgetting! Not sure why....maybe it's because if I get glutened, there's little or no reaction. The reason I know this is because in July, my d.i.l. accidentally glutened me with home made sandwich spread, which she forgot she'd put wheat flour in until after I'd taken a bite! But I didn't have much reaction at all, just one quick trip to the bathroom. So my dumb thing was taking a multi and extra Vit. C....both of which, a couple of months later, I found out (when I finally remembered to read the labels, duh) had wheat (multi) and barley grass (Vit. C). As for the R.C.'s, I used to eat an organic brown rice version of them....I think it might have been Natural Directions brand but not positive. Anyway, I was really irritated to discover (this was when it was all new and I read labels faithfully!) that it, too, had barley malt. And I was thinking the same thing, WHY, for crying out loud? If they took the damn stuff out, no one would know the difference!
  11. Black Sheep

    Pie Crust!

    You are obviously not a clumsy baker like me!
  12. Black Sheep

    Pie Crust!

    Mmm, the crust recipe sounds so good, and easy, too! I never have like rolling out pie crust....to me it was just a pain and I could never seem to get it all the same thickness. Then when I was done I'd always have trouble getting it into the pie plate. This sounds way easier! And Marilyn, I don't see why coconut milk wouldn't be absolutely delish! I had to go off dairy for awhile and found c. milk to be quite good in coffee. In fact I used it a couple of days ago when I was out of cream. You can also add chunks of fruit, sugar or your favorite natural sweetener (I don't use sugar, since I'm dieting), some vanilla, and a tiny bit of guar gum to your coconut milk and freeze it for ice-cream. Well, that's my theory anyway--I haven't done it yet because I can't find guar gum anywhere in this little one-horse town. So I'm thinking of trying it with a tiny bit of xanthan gum instead. What the heck, I use xanthan gum for everything else.....
  13. Oh, thanks! I'll see if I can find it.
  14. Um, next question : What is the zinc status test, and how do you do it?
  15. Hmmm....lectins....if I remember correctly, that's the basis for the Eat Right 4 Your Type book/diet, by Dr. D'Adamo. I've read the book and found what he had to say about lectins really interesting, and have toyed with the idea of trying his way of eating based on blood type. But I've never known anyone who has done this, so it would be nice to hear from people who have, and get some opinions.