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  1. College girl Christy on her way back to Alabama. And I'm glad to see her go. Is that strange??? I'm so proud of her!

  2. Emily and Nick shared some news...my first grandchild is going to be a boy!

  3. Nick Sasso Emily Hendrie and Corey Smith

  4. Concert at the beach with Don't Call Me Shirley

  5. Just got an expected vacation day. Thank you, Whidden ! Gonna jump in the pool...

  6. Hi,   The first thing that came to mind after reading your blog was cholelithiasis. Do you still have your gall bladder?  You might want to check in with your doctor and make a mental note of what you had to eat prior to the new back pain.   Hope this helps.   Bev
  7. Hi Trish, I've been gluten free for 5 years. That would be great if you wanted to start a new support group for Southern NH. Where do you live? I am in Manchester. There are so many places to eat gluten free in this area so that's not a problem, but I would love to share stories with other people who eat this way. It's amazing to go to the grocery stores and even the cashiers are familiar with why you are buying gluten free items. Let me know if you do decide to go forward with the support group idea. Bev
  8. I wouldn't touch their pizza with a 10 foot pole. Talk about trying to capitolize on the gluten free "trend". Fortunately, Manchester NH has lots of gluten free options, including the fabulous Portland Pies and an entire menu at Fratello's. When I need home made pizza, I make the crust with the King Arthur flour company's gluten free mix. Very satisfying. Such a shame the Domino's couldn't go the full mile and take precautions to make their new pizza crust safe for celiacs. Perhaps a write in campaign will help persuade them? Surely we have the numbers.
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