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  1. sahm-i-am

    Chef Needs Help!

    This is a very great idea - one to really consider. Thank you! I am going to her kitchen at the sorority house Tuesday...
  2. sahm-i-am

    Chef Needs Help!

    Hi everyone! I have a friend that is a chef for a sorority house at a university and cooks meals for up to 75 girls...
  3. sahm-i-am

    2Nd Round Of Chemo, Done!

    Thanks for the update and hope you and your family have a very happy Holiday!!!
  4. I and my daughter can totally agree with this. It bewilders my family and friends when I say I don't crave breads or...
  5. sahm-i-am


    I get nausea and vomiting when glutened - that usually lasts 2 - 4 hours and then I am just wiped out until the next...
  6. sahm-i-am

    Could My Son Have Celiac?

    Well, Celiac is definitely a genetic disease and can certainly pass from parent to child. My daughter had gastro symptoms...
  7. sahm-i-am

    If You Need A Laugh...

    YES! EXACTLY what I felt when diagnosed. What a great laugh!!!! And it is even funnier that Pillsbury has the ad...
  8. Yes, I have read that there are other things that can cause the intestinal villi to flatten. Cow milk being one that...
  9. sahm-i-am

    Wheat Belly

    Before I was diagnosed with Celiacs I had no clue how much food affects all different parts of our bodies, not just our...
  10. Just heard from BIL - he said the only thing that helped him was medication and it is no longer a problem. He does get...
  11. Rick, I did text him but sometimes it takes a few days. He is undergoing a full house renovation and he teaches. He...
  12. sahm-i-am

    I Hate Celiac Disease

    I hear ya Donna! It took a long time to find my new normal and I was all sorts of angry and resentful. Now I am at...
  13. sahm-i-am

    Failure To Thrive Prior To Celiac

    They aren't sure when my celiac disease kicked in - I think when I had emergency surgery with DD#1 a year before DD#...
  14. sahm-i-am

    What Are Your Glutened Symptoms?

    I would like to add Vomiting to my Nausea vote. Starts 1-2 hours after gluten accident and lasts for 2+ hours, depending...
  15. I believe he does. He has had celiac disease since 2003 and they discovered Diabetes at same time. I will text him...