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  1. sahm-i-am

    Chef Needs Help!

    This is a very great idea - one to really consider. Thank you! I am going to her kitchen at the sorority house Tuesday to help her.
  2. sahm-i-am

    Chef Needs Help!

    Hi everyone! I have a friend that is a chef for a sorority house at a university and cooks meals for up to 75 girls every weeknight. One of her girls just came back from Christmas break with a Celiac diagnosis. My chef friend (Rachel) is freaking out! Do you have any links, resources for her on how to set up her very large kitchen and how not to cross contaminate? Wow! I couldn't imagine.
  3. sahm-i-am

    2Nd Round Of Chemo, Done!

    Thanks for the update and hope you and your family have a very happy Holiday!!!
  4. I and my daughter can totally agree with this. It bewilders my family and friends when I say I don't crave breads or gluten anymore. They think I'm just saying that because I have no choice. Well, whatever the reason my body doesn't want it anymore. The only thing I miss about my pre-Celiac life was the ease in which I could go about my life. Now, I have to analyze everything about what I and my daughter eat and do. More prep to go out, more research, not spur-of-the-moment. And I also agree with the poster that said this is the hardest time of the year - holidays are totally food driven! You will find your new normal - it will take a while and you will go through the stages of grief, but you will get there. I have been gluten-free for 1.5 years and I am finally at peace with the entire thing.
  5. sahm-i-am


    I get nausea and vomiting when glutened - that usually lasts 2 - 4 hours and then I am just wiped out until the next morning. It takes a day or two before I can eat much. Very much like the flu without the fever. Hope you feel better soon and stay away from the poison!!!
  6. Well, Celiac is definitely a genetic disease and can certainly pass from parent to child. My daughter had gastro symptoms and failure to thrive all her life. We had her tested and her bloodwork came back negative, but her Genetic testing told us she had 2 markers for it. She decided to go gluten free (she was 10 at the time and ready to feel better) and has never felt better! So, even though her bloodwork was negative, she felt better gluten-free. Your son is too young to tell you, but his skin is definitely screaming at you! I would listen to it. And sure, gluten is so mainstream, but I guarantee you that when he is older more and more people will be intolerant of it and it won't be as difficult. Actually, my daughter has an easier time avoiding gluten because she doesn't really remember or miss it. I, on the other hand, had gluten in my life for 42 years before I had to get rid of it and it is harder to let the memories go.
  7. sahm-i-am

    If You Need A Laugh...

    YES! EXACTLY what I felt when diagnosed. What a great laugh!!!! And it is even funnier that Pillsbury has the ad in front of the clip.
  8. Yes, I have read that there are other things that can cause the intestinal villi to flatten. Cow milk being one that I can think of immediately. I read somewhere that corn is starting to do that to patients because food manufacturers are using so much of it in our foods, but I can't stand behind that until I find some more information. There are a few other diseases that cause villi blunting, too. If you Google it I'm sure some information will pop up.
  9. sahm-i-am

    Wheat Belly

    Before I was diagnosed with Celiacs I had no clue how much food affects all different parts of our bodies, not just our weight. I was a typical ignorant American. Now I know more about gluten and GMOs and the history of food; more than many doctors. So it seems so obvious to me. And you would think that information would be absorbed by our family. But no! They let it go in one ear and out the other. They don't care and can't believe that could be their problem. My husband tested positive for celiac disease and still refuses to go gluten free. Huh? His brother and aunt have it. He has seen me and my daughter live and heal gluten free. He knows that other auto immune diseases and even cancer can result from untreated celiac disease. He totally believes and supports my gluten-free lifestyle. But his aches and pains, issues, absolutely can not be attributed to gluten - such a twerp! Want to bash him in the head if I think about it hard enough. But I don't - I let him gripe about his problems and I suggest he keep an eye on it. That is it. He is a big boy and knows what he needs to do. Me nagging him won't change a thing in a positive direction. This is another unfortunate side effect of Celiac Disease - idiot family members!
  10. Just heard from BIL - he said the only thing that helped him was medication and it is no longer a problem. He does get it checked every year. So it is hard to say if just gluten free helped him or just meds or both. Not sure if this helps or not.
  11. Rick, I did text him but sometimes it takes a few days. He is undergoing a full house renovation and he teaches. He will get back to me - I'll keep bugging him! He needs that sometimes. :-) But I will respond as soon as I hear what he says. It makes sense what beebs said.
  12. sahm-i-am

    I Hate Celiac Disease

    I hear ya Donna! It took a long time to find my new normal and I was all sorts of angry and resentful. Now I am at peace with the whole thing. Of course, as far as problems with Celiac, I've had it easy compared to so many on this forum. I think that if my undiagnosed Celiacs causes future health problems like Diabetes or lymphoma I may cry and be angry at it all over again. Baby steps I guess... Hugs to you Donna. This place is full of people that know and feel your frustration.
  13. They aren't sure when my celiac disease kicked in - I think when I had emergency surgery with DD#1 a year before DD#2. I didn't have significant signs, just slight anemia. It gradually got worse over the years but nothing significant and finally I started showing obvious signs of malnutrition/malabsorption last year. Other than that I didn't have any complaints - always very healthy. It came as a complete shock when I was diagnosed. I am sure there is some connection - auto immune diseases can do crazy things.
  14. sahm-i-am

    What Are Your Glutened Symptoms?

    I would like to add Vomiting to my Nausea vote. Starts 1-2 hours after gluten accident and lasts for 2+ hours, depending on how much gluten I ingested. Then I sleep it off and fine next day. I do worry that the farther away I get from my diagnosis date the worse my symptoms may get. But so far, it just comes quicker, but not any new symptoms.
  15. I believe he does. He has had celiac disease since 2003 and they discovered Diabetes at same time. I will text him about BE later today. I know he gets reg checks for it and I do remember him saying it was hard to manage (BE).