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  1. chere1020

    Does Anyone Crave Gluten After Being Glutened?

    Thats a tough time you are having there! Gluten makes my stomach so raw on the inside that all I can taste in my mouth...
  2. chere1020


    Drs are funny. I was told NOT to take immodium, to get the gluten out of my system, my dr also told me that it could...
  3. chere1020

    Does Anyone Crave Gluten After Being Glutened?

    Never Never. I never put anything in my mouth that remotely might have gluten in it. And if I get "glutened" I am so...
  4. That is a hard one. Do you have the other symptoms you normally have when you get glutened? I just came back from Maine...
  5. chere1020

    New To Gluten Free

    I agree with the other poster. Try going all fresh foods and seeing if that helps. I have lost 73lbs since going gluten...
  6. It depends on what I get glutened with, one time it was wheat in a chicken broth and that took only 10 minutes before...
  7. My partner of 18 year doesnt eat gluten free but she is pretty careful what she does eat because tomato sauce and spices...
  8. I found when I tried to add in some non gluten grains that quinoa acts just like gluten for me, so anything that uses...
  9. chere1020

    Im Not Crazy

    Me too, all of the above, told I had "barnacles" on my butt (cleared up when I went gluten free) told I had chronic gastritis...
  10. The phrase "chere has not set her status" keeps coming up and there is a place to change it. What is setting my status...
  11. chere1020

    Since Going Gluten Free....

    Yes, this is me too, I cant eat fatty foods, they make me sick. Also I have to be careful with cheese of all things...
  12. chere1020

    Nightmares About Teeth

    This is very strange, I use to dream about my teeth falling out all the time and it wasnt pretty. Since I have stopped...
  13. chere1020

    Since Going Gluten Free....

    Wow, you and I have a LOT in common, I have lost 73lbs. No more horrible sprints to the bathroom (unless you count that...
  14. chere1020

    Anyone Here Done The Atkins Diet?

    I found out I was gluten intolerant a year ago when I started Weight Watchers and on the 5th week switched to the simply...