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  1. I will put xanthan gum on my shopping list. Thanks for the feedback. I'll post here if and when I figure this out.
  2. Thanks for the link- I'll let you know if I figure this out.
  3. Ooops- meant to write Original Almond Milk in my first post. So- I see from the responses that other folks have made it with almond milk. I knew it was the eggs. There isn't any xanthan gum in the Ener G egg replacer- nor is there any in the Chebe. Perhaps I'll try adding xanthan. Had an...
  4. Anyone ever successfully made Chebe bread without eggs or dairy? I read so many good things here and elsewhere that I really wanted to like it. I made it with Ener G Egg Replacer and Original Milk. It was AWFUL! Any luck anyone? Any suggestions? Thanks folks.
  5. I respectfully reserve the right to change my response upon further data collection in my food journal. Until such time- I'll have to say: Depending on either the type of gluten ingested or the amount (although I have not narrowed this to an exact science)- vomiting before the meal is...
  6. Almost immediately- or so it seemed- after going gluten free- everyone started commenting on how much weight I was losing. I was still too tired to exercise- so it wasn't really weight I was losing- it was the bloat. I am able to wear clothes that previously felt like I was being suffocated whilst...
  7. Funny enough, the pier is actually in Northern California, but I could take the same picture outside my house in Seal Beach :). You are most welcome. Good luck with everything and let me know if you need anything else.

  8. has not set their status