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I am an LPN in a hospital. I take care of people who have had spine surgery. I have a 5 y/o daughter who has autism, and a 26 y/o daughter who is normal. My mom has MS and I believe she also has Celiac DZ. I have been having tummy problems ever since I was 12. But the neuro problems started after I gave birth to my oldest daughter and the leg pain since I gave birth to my youngest.

  1. They do want you to have antibodies so if you are gluten free they will not want your plasma. Also for other diseases if you start treatment, they want your plasma within a few weeks of diagnosis so you will still have antibodies.
  2. Well heck, I am a nurse, I only work the weekends but I use a LOT of alcohol sanitizer. Now I am going to have to look at the ingredients. I didn't even think that it could contain wheat. I can't win for losin.
  3. This is CRAZY! I also have horrible foot pain and one doc at work said he thought is was PF. My pain in my legs and feet have been so bad for so long, I went to a doc and he said I had no cartilage left in my knees and had to have surgery. So I have had total knee replacements to both knees. And...
  4. not diagnosed as of yet, will see a new doc on the 8th of sept.