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  1. Diane-in-FL

    Namaste Spice Cake

    I'm going to try the carrot cake version next time. I put cream cheese frosting on this one too.
  2. Namaste Spice Cake mix is VERY good. I like their flour blend too.
  3. Diane-in-FL

    Anyone Taking A Vitamin B12 Supplement?

    Oh sorry.....misread that.
  4. Diane-in-FL

    Anyone Taking A Vitamin B12 Supplement?

    I never heard of B12 doing that. Maybe it was all that coffee and not the B12? I take 1000 mcg daily.
  5. Diane-in-FL

    So Long For Now

    I agree with kareng. He sounds like a control freak to me. It's so sad when spouses aren't supportive, but this goes...
  6. Diane-in-FL


    Rice Chex. The new apple-cinnamon flavor is very good and they also have the plain and the cinnamon.
  7. I was just in the hospital with colitis (not fun) and the GI doctor told me that there is a connection between the medication...
  8. Diane-in-FL


    I have a pile of unread books, including the newest one by Ann Rice, The Wolf Gift, but it is baseball season and I'm...
  9. And who would have thought that it would be hard to find clothes that fit after losing weight? Nobody wants to hear...
  10. Diane-in-FL

    gluten-free Chocolate Cake

    Kinnikinnick. I think it is much better than the Betty Crocker, but I haven't tried any of the others that folks have...
  11. Diane-in-FL

    gluten-free German Chocolate Cake

    Is there any left? I'd like some please.
  12. Diane-in-FL

    gluten-free German Chocolate Cake

    That is the flour mix that I use and everything turns out great! Good luck!
  13. Diane-in-FL

    Tired Of Eating

    Do you have a crock pot? It's easy to throw some meat and veggies in it in the morning and have a meal waiting for you...
  14. That is just mind-boggling that a dietician in a hospital is so woefully ignorant.
  15. Withdrawal seems different for everyone.....it depends on how old you are, how long you may have had gluten issues without...