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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Ahhh, the distillation debate rages on! There will probably always be a group of us that does not feel comfortable using distilled alcohol or vinegar that is derived from grain other than corn. Anyway, it occurred to me later that the chef is most likely using Vodka as the base for the vanilla extract. This is common among those who make their own because of its relatively bland flavor which doesn't compete with the taste of the ingredient that is being captured in the extract. And unless I'm mistaken, Vodka is made from potatoes. Sorry I didn't think of this earlier. Paula
  2. Thanks, Michael for the kind words. We don't eat beef, so maybe in our own little way we are helping preserve the rain forest? Paula
  3. Dear SofiEmiMom, thanks for posting about these treats! They sound really good, and I'm looking forward to buying some. I called the company a few minutes ago, though, and got one of the owners, who said something about "if we stay in business." They have been struggling, so he asked me please, to get the word out about their products. So guys, tell your friends, and let's keep this company afloat. There are precious few goodies for those of us with food intolerances. Paula
  4. Nisla, we're eagerly awaiting that name! Having a decent cheese substitute would just be so cool. Bean, Paula
  5. Kristy, Did you mean that the chef makes the vanilla extract from scratch? If the alcohol in the vanilla extract is grain derived, then it would give you problems unless it came from corn. So that would be your main question. (I'd want to know each ingredient.) If you meant that the dessert was made from scratch, but with purchased vanilla extract, then you might have to check on caramel coloring too, because I think that some brands include that, and it could be problematic. If the extract was store bought, then you could call ahead and ask the chef what brand of vanilla extract he/she uses? Then you can contact the company and check on it yourself. But I can tell you right now that all of McCormick flavor extracts are safe because they use synthetically derived alcohol. Good luck; I hope you get to enjoy that dessert! Paula
  6. Michael, never heard of what you described, although I am self-diagnosed, so not working with a doctor. But I doubt if CAW exists in the U.S.A. because it would imply a much more widespread knowledge of the disease than appears to be the case with our doctors. I find it interesting that even though Celiac seems to be generally known in Britain, still, it sounds as though there may be a good bit of misinformation circulating over there. I guess you're a step ahead of us, though, because we haven't yet gotten to the point where most doctors are even aware of the disease. (By the way, I loved Top Cat too! Used to have a Top Cat coloring book. Later, in the 70's, I worked as an "inbetweener" drawing animated cartoons at Hanna-Barbera studios in Hollywood, the home of dear T.C., the coolest cat around.) Paula
  7. Hi Bette, it was rather a long article and I confess that I just skimmed it. I believe that he felt that he was delivering a hopeful message, but to be honest, I found it to be depressing. I already have to do without gluten and casein, and to cut out soy and corn as well would double the restrictiveness of my already restrictive diet. My family has, so far been very supportive in that they eat the same way that I do, but if I were to omit the additional food products containing soy and corn, I'm afraid that the atmosphere here would become mutinous! Paula
  8. Is There A List Of Gf Freindly Places?

    Oops! Here you go: Thanks, celiac3270
  9. Well, I was a bit slow picking up on this thread, but it was interesting reading. I am self-diagnosed, and have been gluten-free for almost a year. I had so very many of the classic indicators and have had an extremely positive dietary response. Doctors were absolutely useless to me, and don't feel a need to get an "official" diagnosis. I also had itching on my face, around the corners of my mouth, but don't any more. Ann, you're the first person that I've seen mention beer consumption and itchy skin. I figured out 20 years ago that when I drank beer, I'd have an eczema flare up the next day, with incredible itching. Saw a post recently that stated that there is seldom any mention of the connection between eczema and Celiac, though there is one. Last year, before I found out about Celiac, I had a bone density scan through a seminar at my job. I couldn't understand why my results were inferior to my co-worker's who is ten years my senior, and almost 60 years old. But I've had this condition my whole life, and you guys who are younger are so lucky to be figuring this out early before the damage is done. I say, if you are healthier without gluten, then that's all you need to know.
  10. Is There A List Of Gf Freindly Places?

    celiac3270, would you mind sending a copy my way too, please? Thanks! Paula
  11. Burt's Bees makes a good one called Beeswax Moisturizing Creme. It's not too heavy, not too light. Just right. Nice, subtle fragrance, also. I don't think it offers sun protection, though. Paula
  12. Log Cabin

    Actually, Kaiti, never mind! I was in a rush to get an answer, so I called them and asked them, myself! They (Quaker Oats, Co.) assured me that the Aunt Jemima syrups were gluten-free, and they are their only products for which they will make this guarantee. They said that they always steer people away from their other products because there is just too high a risk of cross contamination. Paula
  13. Log Cabin

    Boy, am I glad that I checked this thread again this morning before setting out to go shopping! I was going to buy Log Cabin, but won't in light of the new information. Talk about confusing! Kaiti, this question is for you. You and celiac3270 have been pretty adamant in the past about staying away from the products made by Quaker Oats. Quaker is the parent company of Aunt Jemima. I used to use Aunt Jemima grits until I heard what you guys said about their poor record as regards cross contamination. Does this only apply for their dry goods? Is the syrup a different story altogether? Would love to use Aunt Jemima syrup if it's o.k. Paula
  14. By my reckoning, I've had Celiac my whole life. In Jr. High, I was 4'11" and 63 lbs. The only girl shorter than me was a midget, and that's really saying something since it was a huge school in Los Angeles! I finally finished growing two years after graduating High School, stopping at 5'8 1/4". Now, I'm taller than the people who as kids, used to tease me about being so short! Other than the teasing, though,I never minded being short. Paula
  15. Hi Vincent. Gee, I had forgotten about PolyViSol. Our oldest son used to take that when he was a baby over 20 years ago. They grow up fast! I've heard other people say, as Eloise did, that pill form vitamins are not as well absorbed, and I don't disbelieve it. But personally, I haven't found an affordable or readily available liquid vitamin mineral formula, so I use Centrum Chewables. They can be taken by anyone 9 years old and older. (Don't know how old your son is.) Take care. Paula