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  2. I must be way behind on discovering stuff. I have always bought mixes from different places that I just add eggs or something to them for Jacob's cookies. I am not a very good at going OUTSIDE the box if you know what I mean...I have to have a receipe or for someone to tell me what to put in stuff...Well I had made someone at church some Toll House Choc Chip cookies and I was looking in the Mexican section at Wal-Mart for tortilla's for my older son and I saw a box that said Rice Flour by TRES ESTRELLAS...You would think Jacob being on this diet that I would have seen this before now...We have been doing this for a year!!! Anyway I used the receipe for the Toll House cookies and made them tonight..WOW what a difference in the texture of these cookies...It was just like mixing up the regular cookies...They taste awesome!!! I know there are tons of stuff out there and it seems I learn something everyday!!! MY MIL makes him pancakes and I got her a box of this and she is making some tonight. She always bought the gluten-free flour and used it. OH and this rice flour cost $.99 a BOX:) Have a wonderful night.
  3. Can someone tell me where to buy some play dough? I had a list but I cant find it. I really dont have time to make some so I need somewhere I can buy it pre-made? Thanks and have a wonderful day!!
  4. Those of you with school age children have you found a lunch box that works well keeping food cold. Also any tips you can give me would be great. Jacob starts pre-school soon and will go to summer camp the end of May so I am kinda freaking out!!! It will be alot different b/c his teacher at daycare is great with his food and the school cant do like she does. I will send all of his food everyday and I am worried that something will not stay cold. They did tell me they would let him use the fridge so that is good. Thanks alot!!
  5. They have the Perky O's at this website.. http://www.allergygrocery.com/Merchant2/me...ry_Code=Cereals The original is out of stock but you can get the frosted or cinnamon. I havent tried these but they look really good.....I have been trying to get the ceral that is like Corn Chex but it has been out of stock forever....Maybe it will hurry up and get in Have a Blessed Day!
  6. We go back to the Gastro tomorrow for our 3 month blood work and I am going to ask him but thought I would check with the board also. Does anyone else child have bad gas? Like all the time? Is there anything you can do about it? I feel so sorry for Jacob b/c I know he cant help it but at the same time he is always doing it. I dont want him to start school and then do it and other kids make fun of him! My mother keeps telling me he will learn to NOT do it if someone does laugh at him but then I dont want him to keep holding it and end up with a tummy ache..... Thanks for any comments.
  7. That is so awesome....I love it when people make them feel special!!! Have a wonderful week.
  8. I will have to try these....I wish I could THINK up stuff to make but I just dont have it in me I think it is because I am not a bread eater ANYWAY and I dont have Celiac....So I am not good at making anything BREAD!!!! Thanks for the idea...Jacob would love it.... Hubby will too....
  9. Has anyone confirmed that LaChoy Soy Sauce is gluten-free? I am going to call tommorrow if I dont get a respond here My family loves it....I am going to look at Wild Oats the next time I go and see if they any alternative or do you know of any just in a regular grocery that is gluten-free. Thanks
  10. Does anyone know of somewhere online I can order it?
  11. I was wanting to make Jacob some type of Chex Mix...I saw where Danna Korn said you could buy a ceral at the grocery or health food store just like Chex Ceral...I picked up a Corn Chex cereal and it said wheat in it...Do you know where I can get one to make chex mix?? Thanks!
  12. We eat alot of Rotel dip with Velveeta and Rotel Tomatoes...I also make a Chili Dip that is pretty good...You just take a Can of Chili and a jar of Salsa....You can put cheese on top of it if you like...Bake in the oven until hot and there you go..Very easy....I will make a taco salad with it also sometimes...
  13. I was looking at the cookbooks to buy. Jacob is 3 and I saw 2 that were good...From your experience which would you recommend or if there or others out there please share
  14. I can NEVER find the Progresso soup at any of my stores here in MS....I called and they said they should have it but I guess it goes pretty fast. At my Kroger store thou I have been buying a creamy mushroom soup in a box? Not sure who makes it but it is gluten-free....I had to get past the color of it:) Good Luck...I love my pot roast with taters and mushroom soup...I also ordered Onion Soup mix from the Gluten Free Pantry...It is just like the Lipton's Beefy Mushroom soup mix I used to put in my roast...Now I am going to have to make a roast this weekend!!! Have a GREAT New Year everyone... Brandi Mommy to Jacob 3 years old...gluten-free since March 2005
  15. I order a bag of the Kinnikinick White cake mix to make Jacob some cupcakes....Have any of you cooked the cake or cupcakes and then froze them before frosting them? Do they thaw OK? He is only 3 so they will end up wasting...I was going to freeze them just to see and when I came back from the store Hubby had alrady frosted all of them....LOL Any recommendations on how I can save alot of this stuff will be appreciated!!! Thanks!
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