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  1. Jungle

    Celiac And Uveitis

    Just diagnosed with Uveitis in one eye. I am already gluten-free since +blood test 2 years ago.
  2. Jungle

    So Frustrated Still Not Pregnant

    When we were trying to conceive after 2 wonderful babies and then 3 consecutive miscarriages (likely celiac related I...
  3. They could choose to do the same thing with dairy, or eggs. No child is safe with the attitudes they had shown. I...
  4. Would this not be a case of abuse, or assault? Intentionally causing harm. You explained she couldn't have these...
  5. I do think you need the Dr to read these results again. It looks like pretty much all of them fall out (or almost) out...
  6. When I meet "celiacs" who feel like they can cheat once in a while. I immediately wonder if their Dr actually told them...
  7. Jungle

    I Need Help From Other Aussies! :(

    It seems more than a little extreme to expel you for being actually sick. Asking for a meeting with you, your parents...
  8. Jungle

    Heat Wave Is Wearing Me Out

    We were whining that we haven't got any summer yet. And then I saw the news about the heat wave. I think I'll just...
  9. Yikes, I hate it when they don't do what they say they are going to do. I think because you've only been gluten-free...
  10. I gained 10 lbs in the first two months (and wasn't trying to gain or lose) Now after 4 months gluten-free we are back...
  11. Jungle

    Interesting New Study Not Yet Published

    If you are delaying gluten until a year you have delayed it about 5-7 months. So it takes the same amount of time just...
  12. Jungle

    Ttc With Pcos And Celiac

    On the TTC front I found another forum "Bellybelly" to bet full of helpful people like here. It is nice to have support...
  13. Jungle

    Dairy Queen?

    I have my own ice cream maker and the biggest problem is it tastes so awesome I eat way, way too much. My family has...
  14. Although not LDS, but Christian, I was bring a piece of bread and then bringing it out at the appropriate time for...
  15. Jungle

    Celiac And Alopecia?

    Too bad we can't selectively choose where to lose the hair.