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  1. I am a gluten-free Vegan also, There are a lot of good blogs out there. Here are the links to a couple of me favorites. http://xgfx.org/ http://madamegluten-freevegetarian.blogspot.com/ This one has some great veggie burger recipes...
  2. hello all, I have been gluten free since March of this year. My symptoms have always been fatigue, body ache, nausea, brain fog. Since being gluten-free after 3 months, I have now had these awful bouts of vomiting. Just all is a sudden I...
  3. iamsarar

    Cooking From Scratch...

    You know something I have done is put my meal in the crockpot at night before I go to bed. When I get up in the morning it is done and I put it in the frig and just heat it up at dinner time. I like doing that better then getting up early
  4. I don't have any problems with it. It is dairy, lactose, casein, soy and gluten free. Taste like american cheese not cheddar, but it better then nothing when you need cheese. Best non-dairy cheese I have found as far as taste and melting...
  5. iamsarar

    Ideas For Lunches On The Go?

    I follow a gluten free, vegan diet. I will take La Victoria wraps with hummus and veggie, Brown rice cakes with a nut butter and banana, Veggie salad with almonds for protein, Brown rice with veggie in a to go container. Ezekiel makes a...
  6. Wow, so sorry your little one is going through that. I am a early childhood teacher and the thing I always recommend to my parents is to call the children's hospital which it 2 hours away from our small town. They deal with children 24/...
  7. Thank you for this post! I haven't been feeling well and I had just used that mix this past weekend. This might be why!........Here is my favorite cookie recipe if you can have peanut butter, chunky or smooth works. Don't use the refrigerator...
  8. iamsarar


    Do you buy it fresh and in bulk? Could be C.C.
  9. No there was some change, I wasn't as tired and I still had brain fog but no headache. It was because I was feel a little better that made me look at everything....Also it was a couple of weeks before the fog lifted. All the best to you...
  10. iamsarar

    Seattle Westin

    Also Cinnamon Works which is outside of Pikes Place Market has Gluten free and Vegan baked goods. Across the street from Sur La Table.
  11. iamsarar

    Seattle Westin

    PF Changs is IN the Westlake center. Ate there last week. Very good!
  12. I Had gone through something similar. I was eating gluten free and not feeling better. I was going to give up but I decided I need to make sure I was doing things right. I found out that I had gluten in my lip gloss, shampoo, makeup and...
  13. iamsarar

    Anyone Have Tmj Problems?

    I have it too but was not aware it might be a symptom to Celiac D.
  14. iamsarar

    I Am So Dumb

    I did that before.....so sorry! hope your reactions isn't to bad. I had to start asking my husband to make his own sandwiches because I wasn't thinking and would lick the knife. I wear gloves now so I won't lick my fingers. It helps a lot
  15. I did start to put on weight. When I was diagnosed I started trying all the gluten free snacks. I started baking gluten-free cakes to try. Eating breads. The funny thing is I wasn't eating food like this before the diagnoses but felt I needed...