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Residing in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lived here all my life. Love my life, my family, my job but not so much my new diet. <_<

I believe that if life is not what you wish it to be, then you should search yourself for the answer.

  1. Thank you for the compliment dear. Sometimes being scared is what it takes. I think that is especially true when a person is asymptomatic. If your story on the post is just a preview of your book...I'm with your family...write it and get it published. There are many people who would greatly benefit from your story so spread the word. Sometimes I will admit...I wish there was a pill for...

  2. Well, look at that gorgeous face!! :>) wow, thanks for your sweet message. I do not like to scare anyone, but the truth is, I have been in hell and if I can spare one person that nightmare, I'll shout my story from rooftops!! LOL I have told my family I am going to write a book. This THING is epidemic and the treatment is so simple---if we only know about it.

    Be wel...