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  1. I have been on thyroid meds for about 15 years. Last year I was diagnosed a Celiac and have been on a gluten-free diet...
  2. I so miss that romance. I'd take a pill in a heartbeat!!
  3. angel9165

    A Tattoo To Symbolize The New Me

    I actually did get a tattoo after my diagnoses. Some would question how relative it is but for me, since it was a colonoscopy...
  4. angel9165

    Omg This Sucks...

    So sorry to hear things haven't gotten better. As I was reading through all the positive feedback from other members...
  5. angel9165

    How Did Your Doctor Tell You?

    I got a phone call on my birthday and was told I have Celiac disease. Not having a clue, as they were looking for why...
  6. angel9165

    Feel Like I Need Confirmation...

    I have a sister who after testing negative to the antibodies started a gluten-free diet and feels great. She won't got...
  7. I thought I might but gee, I found enough really good gluten-free food that I haven't.
  8. angel9165

    Odd Benefits Of Going Gluten Free

    I too must confess to this!
  9. At the grocery store last week I asked about Gluten-Free beer and the manager pointed me to Mike's Hard Lemonade Light...
  10. angel9165

    I'm New

    That's pretty much how it went for me as well. It's been almost a year and I definitely feel better about it now. I...
  11. angel9165

    B12 Deficiency Anemia?

    When diagnosed last fall w/ Celiac, my GI doc ordered B12 shots for me every other week for 6 months and now I go monthly...
  12. angel9165


    I am less than a year into my diagnoses but I suffered for over 20 before I was properly diagnosed. I saw many doctors...
  13. angel9165

    Udi's Bread

    Not sure what I'd do w/o my Udi's....it's my answer to the bread issue and I have sandwiches everyday for lunch. Hope...
  14. angel9165

    Panic Attacks

    Biofeedback was a Godsend for me in learning to deal with my anxiety. It really does help!
  15. My little sister went gluten free a few months back (after testing negative and at my request to give me 2 months and...