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  1. I know no-one's replied to this topic in a while, but I thought I'd share; I haven't been diagnosed with celiac disease because my (now fired) doctor did the exams on a gluten-free diet, claiming that it wouldn't change the results! and as I have such a severe reaction to small amounts of gluten (my skin used to blister just from touching it), and I've been so ill all the time, even on the gluten-free diet, and a whole host of doctors (I've gone through quite a few!) insisted that it was Chron's, atrophic gastritis or just generally nasty stuff with no tests to back them up, and I felt absaloutly hopeless. I'm 19 and I've been so ill I had to drop out of collage and was on morphine for 2 months, and then I discovered the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and I've been on it 2 months, and my god the difference! I can touch gluten and nothing happens, I've been able to go back to school, I've been off morphine for almost 3 weeks (I accidentally glutened), but the reaction was so much better! I haven't lost my memory, I haven't thrown everything up, I can walk and there was no blood in my stools! I reccomend the SCD to everyone now, I've had so many doctors tell me they can do nothing further and that they're so sorry, but with this diet, it's all going away, and my Mum's sleeping again Good look to everyone! Kelly
  2. Hi, I Ms_Sillyak about the book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle; I've had suspected chron's for the past 3 years and have done every test under the sun, have been on morphine and missed the best part of my teenage years, and in the past 2 months, I've been on the diet that Elaine Gotschall reccomends, and I've felt like a normal human being again, it's wonderful! then yesterday, a waitress accidentally 'glutened' my food slightly, I'm really sensitive, so I takes less than a crumb to make me react, and even now, the reaction isn't as strong since I've been on Elaine's diet; I reccomend it to anyone with food intolerances! I hope you feel better soon! K
  3. Hi, I'm 19, and for about 6 years, I have been sick with a strep virus, knee op, umbelical hernia op, and for the past 3 years I have had terrible stomach pains, skin rash's, joint pain, memory loss and have done test for celiac disease about 2 years ago, but I was already on a gluten free diet, as the doctor told me that it would not change the results. soon after, I accidentally had a bit of gluten and got really sick. then about 6 months later, I went on a candida diet as my body was reacting to the smell and touch of gluten. Things got better after that, until I kept getting UTI's, but the doctors couldn't find any bacteria. Soon after, I was sent to a gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with mono, and suspected chrons, and she also wanted to redo the celiac testing, but after only 4 days, she told me to stop and did some more intestinal biopsies because I was reacting so strongly, and has put me on corticosteroids. And this year I've had renal colic six times, but they still can't find and kidney stones, but everytime they do a urine test, they find oxolate crystals. My specialst and GP are baffled because they think I have the symptoms for both celiac disease and kidney stones, but can't find any medical proof. Any help would be hugely appreciated, thanks.
  4. I'm onl 19, and afer having had some gluten (for some tests, my previous dc told me that doing the tests gluten-free wouldn't make a difference), and for 2 weeks I've been in bed with terrible bone pain in my shin a thigh bone, has anyone else experienced this?
  5. I appear to have had celiac symptoms all my life (iron defiency anaemia, joint pains - operation on 1 knee - umbellical hernia at 14, stomach problems, mental confusion, really bad memory, really short, no energy, ect.), and have been in and out of hospital now for 6 years (I?ve just turned 19), and 2 years ago, my mum and I decided to go gluten free, and within days I was like a new person we were all so chuffed! But then about 3 months later, all the problems seemed to be coming back, and all the dcs wpuld do is prescribe me more meds, and when they finally did the intestinal biopsies and bloodtests, they did them when we were going gluten-free! (The dc said that this wouldnt change the results ). Then in one year, I hade renal colic 3 times, recurring problems in my joints again. We then discovered I had a candida issue, so took up a diet for that, too, and hings began to get better, but then dropped again! Now we finally have our gp on board (he always just thought we were a nuissance going in with one problem after another), and he's got us going up to a really good dc who treats him for his chrons, and she's had to start from square 1 again. So a few weeks ago I had to eat normally for a few days (they didn't want to do any longer as I have a severe reaction), to re-do the blood tests and biopsies, and I've now been in bed for 2 months, almost unable to move because of bone pain in my legs, though no dc ever found anything in the xrays. When we found the SCD we started it almost right away, and though I've only been on it a week, my sight has got alot better (part of the reaction makes my sight go really dim and fuzzy), but the bone pain just won't go away! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! K
  6. Yeah, I visited new Zealand 2 years ago, it was like heaven! I found that Sydney was quite hard though...most waitors asked me what gluten and celiac disease was hope this helps
  7. It sucks when someone tells you that something is gluetn free when it's not! I had that happen to me on holiday (I've been gluten free now for 18 months) and I get such severe reactions, diarreah/constipation, hives, joint pain, uncontrollable sleep, uti's, memory loss, and I find it really hard to see and hear anything for about 2 weeks afterwards, I was in bed on holiday for about 2 weeks! my family was so bummed aswell! Feel better
  8. I live in Italy and I find it suprisingly easy to live here! There are always great, fresh vegetables, fruit and meats in the local supermarkets, stacked alongside loads of gluten free options (flour, biscuits, bread ecc..) and whenever I dine out, there is usually a gluten free option on the menu . Most italians have heard of and understand (to a certain degree) celiac disease or gluten intollerance. I hope this helped
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