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  1. Our first Easter Sunday without gluten. Not as hard as one would think, but since Kaia is also allergic to dairy, latex...
  2. Deana  Huneke

    Help! Behavioral Problems In A Celiac Kid

    Although in theory hand sanitizer sounds good for pushing off the crumbs, it is only dropping all the crumbs into the...
  3. Here is my two cents. We went out and bought new tupperware and rubbermaid containers all with blue lids. These are gluten...
  4. Deana  Huneke

    McDonald's McFrappes

    It could also be the artificial vanilla. My daughter has celiac and cannot tolerate any vanilla that is not all natural...
  5. Deana  Huneke

    Cold Lunches - What To Pack For My Son?

    The school may say there is no microwave available, but there is one most likely, in the teacher's lounge or the cafeteria...
  6. Deana  Huneke

    OCD And Celiac

    Thank you, I called the Dr's office and spoke with the intake director about finding someone else to work with my daughter...
  7. Deana  Huneke

    Celiac Center At Chop

    Has anyone been to the Celiac Center at CHOP? We live in Cincinnati and our daughter is cared for by the Center...
  8. Deana  Huneke

    OCD And Celiac

    My daughter is fairly new to celiac disease she was diagnosed 3 days before Christmas, but is no stranger to food allergies...
  9. Have you ever had your son tested for eosinophilia? My daughter has multiple food allergies, only 10 but she is also...