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I am the mother of a beautiful and perfect five year old little girl named Kaia. Kaia is perfect in every way, from her celiac disease multiple allergies to all dairy, soy, beef cherries, latex, adhesives, barium and bee venom to her g tube and nissen fundolplication. As hard as it gets some days one look at my beautiful ittle girl and all is right in the world.

  1. Our first Easter Sunday without gluten. Not as hard as one would think, but since Kaia is also allergic to dairy, latex, beef, cherries  and soy, a lot of candy is already off limits so I just needed to refine my already dwindling list of safe candies.Growing up, the Easter Bunny never brought...
  2. It could also be the artificial vanilla. My daughter has celiac and cannot tolerate any vanilla that is not all natural and gluten free. It very well be cross contamination. The person that makes your frappe is also handling the french fries ( which are not gluten free) and also the sandwich...