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  1. I've had all my blood and vitamins/minerals checked. Vitamin D is perfect too. Definitely not anemic. Celiac levels are within normal range. ? I take supplements every day too. I got a BP monitor and did some readings through the episode. My BP was very high and it kept showing an irregular...
  2. I have but not had any answers... Been checked for a ton of things but nothing unusual exception of elevated igf-1 levels without Acremogoly or any brain tumor.
  3. Hey guys, I'm having an awful evening and it's not the first. I've been having unusual symptoms and hoping someone else can either give advice, sympathy or explanation. Been dx for 7 years now. Pretty severe, actually so severe they decided against a biopsy (I had to be on a drip, have...
  4. To help ease stomach cramps, well the pain, i use rose massage oil, i was slightly skeptical but it really helped me, i just rubbed it (warm!) clockwise on my abdomen until it turned slightly pink then replaced my heating pad
  5. One of my major issues when i was undiagnosed was anxiety, OCD, panic attacks (to the point of losing consciousness) and having night terrors, which was not good wherever and whoever your living with! After getting diagnosed and being gluten-free i noticed my anxiety wasn't present everyday and i...
  6. Hi, sounds odd! I don't have a burning sensation as such but i did develop a soy intolerance after eating it almost everyday after being diagnosed with celiac disease and possible lacto-intolerance. It now gives me almost the same effects as if i have eaten gluten! It was very miserable until i realized...