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  1. It's actually improved for me over this week. I was pretty destroyed at the beginning of the week but by last night I was able to stay up most of the night. I've been having the usual newbie problems as I find more ingredients that dont agree with me, and that plus a return to work ( I get up at...
  2. ...and still very relevant to me at least . I'm experiencing serious fatigue about 2 months in to my gluten-free diet. This is my first week back at work after 7 weeks off and it's doing me in. I'm up at 6 - okay until about 2pm, then I seem to hit the wall and am completely incapable of functioning...
  3. Similar story here... I've just turned 40 and pretty much that was when the celiac disease got triggered. I've always had symptoms I guess. I remember eating 4 slices of toast when I was a teenager after school and being unable to fight the urge to fall asleep. I've always had a troublesome...