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  1. Hello key, Ive been reading an old post about the abdominal pain you were experiencing at night time.

    My daughter has recently been diagnosed as Celiac and is suffering with the same pain at night. Did you ever find out how to control this? She is already on the diet and was ok for a few months but recently had a stomach bug and is up every night again.

    Any advice you can...

  2. I know people who can't drink coffee, because it makes their stomach hurt right away. Monica
  3. Thanks Vincent, I had called them myself and this is what they told me too, so I thought distilled vinegar was ok and chose to eat it. I don't think we have reacted to it. Then I read on here in another post, that maybe they were adding something else. I am SO happy to know though, because I LOVE...
  4. Recently on there I have seen that Stonyfield Farm's flavored yogurt's May NOt be gluten free. Does anyone know more about this. When I had called she said it was distilled vinegar in the Natural Flavoring that made them not want to say it was gluten free, but then I read it was something different...
  5. My bruising was bad when I found out I had celiac. It got much better once I was gluten free for a few months. I think it was from anemia. MOnica
  6. I was feeling very fatigued and having aching in my legs. LIving on caffeine for survival to take care of my three kids. I had a full workup for vitamins and anemia. Actually my hgb was better then it has ever been. GUess the diet is working some. Anyway, I think it was because i was getting gluten...
  7. Fritos don't agree with me either, but I think it is the grease factor. I can eat a few.