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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Corn Allergy - Soda

    I've read that the soaker pads placed beneath meat in grocery stores are often corn-based, as is some toilet paper. So, you do have to investigate practically everything you purchase for corn-based ingredients.
  2. Need Help For A Friend

    Be careful with the pretzels. All of those have soy. There is only one GFSF pretzel I know off, the Wylde brand I believe.
  3. New Gluten Free Flour

    Any idea what to sub for the buttermilk powder to make the Pamela's mix blend dairy free? I'd prefer to use regular ingredients rather than a processed product I'd have to specially purchase.
  4. This is discussed all the time at groups.yahoo.com/foodlab. Urinary issues related to food are apparently very common from what I've read on the forum. The group was created to exchange information about allergies and sensitivities. I would suggest you ask the group there, as they are extremely knowledgeable. Many of them did potty training from infancy (elimination communication), where they saw food reactions in a child young enough that they couldn't willfully decide not to potty.
  5. Best Introductory Books

    Thanks! Any other recommendations, especially on gluten sensitivity, what gluten is, gluten free eating, etc.?
  6. I have some relatives that are interested in trying out the gluten free diet to see if it resolves some of their health issues. What books do you suggest for learning about what gluten is and how to eat gluten free? The simpler the better for now, until they get their feet wet.
  7. Whiskey, Vodka, Gin?

    I only spent another five or ten minutes looking at that book before I was offended at the misinformation. The typos were bad enough, but telling people that rice can be dangerous? There were a whole handful of things in that arena that I dismissed immediately and don't even recall now. Plus, the classic fallacies like caramel color having gluten were mentioned as well. I think it's harmful for that book to still be published.
  8. I want to love quinoa. I really do. I love the idea of a high protein grain and something different than the norm. I have a wide palate typically and dint hesitate to buy 10 lbs of good quality organic quinoa when it went on sale. However, I just haven't found a way to like it yet. I tried a breakfast recipe, cooked in broth (not too bad), and then toasted it and cooked like rice (yuck, tasted burnt). I am typically a pretty good cook and love new ingredients and recipes. So, help me love quinoa. Tell me how to cook it so we enjoy it. Give me good recipes. I love quinoa pasta too, just not the smelly flour and grain itself.
  9. No Support From Family

    To be honest, I'm surprised that you attended without discussing it in advance with your sister. I would not assume there would be options for me anywhere. I think it would have been reasonable to contact her in advance and at least ask what the menu was. A lot of people don't have your dietary needs at the front of their minds because you are responsible for them, even if they love you. They're just not used to this life of thinking in advance about food. I would be more mad at myself than my sister. I do personally get offended when I ask and there is nothing I can eat, plus they are unwilling to provide anything at all. I may well skip an event if that's the case. Most people, however, are highly accommodating and just need to know what to grab for you. I have only had an invite once in which I would have had to bring it all for me and my kids, and I chose not to go. I would feel left out socially if I was to just eat in advance and snack, so it's important for me to plan in advance.
  10. Do I Need A Colonoscopy?

    I agree to put off. Docs give advice - suggestions. It is up to you whether you want to move forward.
  11. I am perusing "The Gluten-Free Bible" and it indicates that a gluten-free person cannot have "alcoholic beverages made from cereal grains such as whiskey, vodka, gin ..." Is that accurate?
  12. Chronic fatigue was my primary symptom. It took 3.5 months and I woke up one day feeling normal again. That was about a month after I removed soy and egg, along with being Gluten-free Casein-free. Neuro symptoms often take longer to resolve than GI symptoms.
  13. I became Gluten-free Casein-free after getting positive IgG bloodwork back in May. I followed that up with IgA testing from Enterolab that confirmed positives for gluten and casein, and also showed positives for egg and soy. My primary symptoms are chronic fatigue, random body pains, brain fog, and memory issues. After 3 months eliminating gluten and casein and 1 month eliminating soy and egg, the chronic fatigue suddenly lifted. I feel like the brain fog is better too, but still have the other symptoms. As of now, it has been about 2.5 months without soy and egg. How do I know when the appropriate time is to trial those foods back into my diet? I've read that it can be a year or two for neurological type symptoms to go away, so I'm hesitant to wait that long. Soy doesn't really matter to me, but egg removal has been a bit of a pain.
  14. Blogs

    I like glutenfreeonashoestring.com, gingerlemongirl.com, and glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com. You can always find tons more once you start reading comments in those places too.
  15. Direct Link To Mobile Site?

    Does anyone know about the plugin or how to make the site recognize a mobile phone? This is the only website where I am not recognized as mobile and it is extremely cumbersome to read.