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    Author of the Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Bread, a gluten-free, vegan, and most allergen-free cookbook, the first in a three-part series!
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Millet is, however, gluten-free. Just to not confuse new people to the disease and diet.
  3. I'm allergic to the onion family (garlic, onions, leeks and chives).
  4. Assuming all the foods were safe (the burger), then it's probably a normal reaction to the saturated, unhealthy fats. You probably weren't aware of this before hand because your body wasn't as clean as it is now. You'll notice new 'reactions' because you have rid yourself of the poison (gluten),...
  5. Happy Birthday! I sure hope it was a super special one !

  6. I use Kirkland and Loblaws, but because they change where they get them from, I re-call every time. They've never not been gluten-free though.
  7. Personally, I wouldn't stop. My naturopath, combined with the instructions written on my enzyme, explained you have to ease in slowly, and for the first while, cycle your doses. I was nauseated from them a little, and it did go away. Also, take your dose(s) with a meal.
  8. I get sick from Aquafina and Dasani. I stick to Aberfoyle.
  9. I'm allergic to chocolate and it's the same family as cola (which I dont like anyway, but just so you are aware). i use carob in baking and as hot carob drink as a replacement.
  10. i have heard from a handful of people allergic to ragweed they could not tolerate stevia. if you have no other intolerances to those other products, i wouldn't doubt it.
  11. NicoleAJ - I would be careful about first readings of MRIs, my sister (and many other people) have gone undiagnosed (well, misdiagnosed... we knew it was MS) for awhile ... In my sister's case, 11 years (she is 26 now). anyway, good to hear either way! about the stretches, if you're interested...
  12. thanks Doll, i'll forward that to my aunt. she'll like that. we're aware of all of that, but sometimes having actual info (IE written and recorded) is good. nicoleaj, everyone with MS in my family is on medication, so sometimes that is counterbalanced, and their other symptoms or side effects...
  13. Hi, as you probably read above, autoimmune (esp. MS) is rampant in my family. I am NOT disagreeing with you (as I am living proof), but am wondering if you have any handy documentation? I have a few, but I know that some people would be interested (IE some of my family). Thanks!
  14. i agree. i have celiac, my mom has ms, my sister has MS, my mom's mom has hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia, my mom's sister has hypothyroidism and MS, and my mom's brother has iritis. definitely connected.