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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. I would suggest looking into vitamin k2 (not vitamin k1). There's a book called "vitamin k2 and the calcium paradox" which explains the relationship between calcium, vitamin k2, vitamin d, and vitamin a when it comes to bone formation and maintenance. There have been clinical studies done in japan using vitamin k2 to treat osteoporosis. Calcium alone isn't enough. Edited to correct the name of the book. I was trying to go from memory!
  2. I used to have dry, cracked peeling lips constantly. I tried all kinds of moisturizers but nothing ever helped. And I always had huge chunks of skin peeling off my lips. In my case, the cause was simple although overlooked by everyone for years: mouth breathing. I habitually breathes through mouth rather than my nose, which dried out my lips. The dry lips would bother me (hard patches, cracking, peeling skin) so I'd lick them and bite them.... Making them more inflamed and more prone to cracking and peeling.... It was a vicious cycle. For the past six months, I have made a concerted effort to breathe through my nose - basically retraining myself to break the mouth breathing habit. My lips are clear for the first time in my memory! It is great! I don't need lip balm or anything. They're nice and soft. Maybe ask yourself if you're a mouth breather. If you catch yourself mouth breathing, try to breathe through your nose instead (all day, even at night) and see if it helps. (When I was getting used to nose breathing, I'd sleep on my side and kind if hook my chin over the edge of the pillow to help keep my mouth closed while I slept).
  3. Breast Feeding Issues (Low Milk Supply)

    You got a lot of good advice, so I won't repeat any of it. One question, though. Do you have a lot of fat in your diet? I'm like you, and stay think pretty much no matter what. I'm also dairy free. When I'm breastfeeding, especially those first few months, I crave fatty things and I figured it was to supply fat to my milk. I would literally eat spoonfuls of coconut oil each day. And I'd use a LOT of olive oilin my cooking. Getting your supply up (if your body will let you) will require almost around the clock nursing. (iI've kept track, and my all time record was 9.5 hours with a baby latched on to me in a 24 hour period... Intense stuff... But they seem to be worth it )
  4. Wow. I made it to the second page and read the ones about the stillborn and the miscarriage. And I had to stop. Terrible. It makes me sad.
  5. My cousin's son was diagnosed at 9 months. He was in rough shape at the time... Fast forward 4 years, and the doc tells his parents that he's all healed, and can get off this ridiculously restrictive gluten-free diet since he has now healed and, thus, grown out of it. Argh... So he's eating gluten again!! His mom should know better. Her grandfather had celiac... His entire life (of course!)
  6. Agreed. There is no logic to that. Ttg IgA and aga IgA tests aren't specialized, but total IgA is? That's a BS line if I've ever heard one. Just how is one supposed to get referred to a GI if they have negative IgA results because they're IgA deficient but no one knows it? I'd push for the total IgA test.
  7. I think you should ask yourself this, and answer honestly: if you did not have a celiac diagnosis, would you go to the rehearsal dinner? (another approach to this question is: if the restaurant they chose was gluten-free friendly, would you go to the rehearsal dinner?) If the answer is yes, then you should go. Bring your own food, or eat before. The wedding is not about you, it's about you brother and his wife to be. Trust me, we've all been there. 4 years into this, I would love to be invited out even to simple things like lunches with coworkers. But they think it's rude to invite me to a restaurant I can't eat at; I think it's rude that they don't invite me at all. It's not an easy thing to deal with when social functions tend to revolve around food, but you don't need to eat to be social.
  8. Infant Biopsy

    Does he have an official diagnosis of DH? If so, then that means he also has a diagnosis of celiac. Is there something else that the doctor is looking for?
  9. I used to have what I called my days from hell where I'd have a terrible migraine, and I'd vomit almost continually all day long. It was not food poisoning, but it was always coupled with a migraine and a weird kind if diarrhea. The first few times I had that reaction, it was after I had had a beer or two the night before. Then it started happening more frequently, and seemingly rabdomly (although I now know the culprit was gluten). I've also had food poisoning in my time, and the town are totally different feeling, although on the surface the symptoms sound similar (headache, vomiting, diarrhea). With food poisoning, I just prayed for it to be over quickly. With the gluten induced days from hell, I remember thinking to myself a few times that dying probably wouldn't be so bad, I actually felt that bad.
  10. I thought there was a study done where they screened blood samples from army recruits from the 1950's (preserved samples) and recruits from modern times. There was a statistically significant difference in the percentage of positive antibody results, something like the percentage of positive results today being twice that from 50 years ago. This implies that the rate of celiac disease has in fact increased. (sorry, I'm on my phone and cannot easily search for or post a link to the abstract for this study). As for being more afraid of environmental pollution than GMOs, those are two separate issues, both worthy of concern imo. Once you start messing with the natural balance of things, you are opening the door to unforeseen consequences. I always think about the decision to take feedlot herbivores, such as cow's, and forcing them to eat meat and other animal products. Food is food, right? Oops.... Mad cow disease. How could we have seen that coming? Feeding them grains (corn, not a normal part of their diet) is no problem, right? Oops... Man killing strains of e coli. How could we have seen that coming? Genetically modifying plants a la Monsanto method to make them stringer / higher yielding / "round up ready" / etc is no problem, right? You get where I'm going with this. Just my 2¢
  11. Diagnosing An Infant

    My understanding is that a diagnosis of DH is also a diagnosis of celiac. The dermatologist should be able to provide an official diagnosis. Or your son's ped. DH is the skin manifestation of celiac.
  12. Personally, I think most of the world's population has issues with dairy products (ie - breastmilk of cows that is not designed to be eaten by anything other than calves). I have read that mammals of all species tend to stop making lactase (or, at least, adequate amounts of it to digest milk) during childhood as adult mammals do not require breastmilk beyond infancy / early childhood. My eldest is dairy free, and made great improvements once it was removed from his diet. Now, my whole house is dairy free, and my youngest (now 8 months) will never drink cow's milk. Almond milk is a real hit around here. I also love coconut milk. And don't worry about calcium - green leafy veggies, soy, almond milk, etc etc are all great sources of calcium. And they're easier to absorb than the calcium in cow's milk (which is designed to be absorbed by baby cows, not humans). Ok, anti-dairy rant over. ;-)
  13. If you have your doctor's email address, just send him the link to this thread. ;-) Good luck on your quest for a formal diagnosis. And sadly, yes, many of us have had doctors that bad (and, in some cases, worse).
  14. There was an episode of a show called "mystery diagnosis" where a little boy had weider "seizures". No one knew what caused it. Til finally he was diagnosed celiac (the neuro stuff was partly due to malabsorption). I'm on my phone, so I can't post a link. But I'm pretty sure I found it on YouTube by searching for "mystery diagnosis celiac". The show even had a clip of a home video of the child having one of these episodes. You might want to check it out
  15. Need To Vent About My Own Stupidity!

    I've been gluten-free for 4 years. And just the last few months, I glutened myself with soy sauce. Three times. Yep, three freakin' times, from the same bottle. I knew I had been glutened, but couldn't figure out what it was because everything in my house is gluten-free (or, so I thought). I was blaming it on the fish food (even though I carefully wash Mt hands after feeding my fish). It took my mom pointing out the wheat listed on the sot sauce label when she was at my place. It happens! Not that it doesn't suck when it does.