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  1. I used to have dry, cracked peeling lips constantly. I tried all kinds of moisturizers but nothing ever helped. And I always had huge chunks of skin peeling off my lips. In my case, the cause was simple although overlooked by everyone for years: mouth breathing. I habitually breathes through mouth rather than my nose, which dried out my lips. The dry lips would bother me (hard patches, cracking, peeling skin) so I'd lick them and bite them.... Making them more inflamed and more prone to cracking and peeling.... It was a vicious cycle. For the past six months, I have made a concerted e
  2. Oh wow. I feel so bad for you. I wish I could call your doctors and yell at them for you. Is there a specific reason you need a formal diagnosis? Would you be willing to live life knowing gluten makes you ill, but not have a definitive diagnosis? I discovered at age 28 that my chronic D (tmi but my food would come out undigested about 2 hrs after I ate it), chronic migraines, bouts of uncontrollable vomiting, skin rashes, inability to gain weight, painful and horrid periods, brain fog, numbness in my hands, anxiety,.... On and on the list goes... Was cause by gluten. At the end of my
  3. Congrats on your pregnancy Ollie's Mom! We can beat the cravings :) Pretty amazing how that carb switch got triggered with pregnancy, right??

  4. I didn't say that I had an issue with distilled alcohol or canola oil... only that other people who post here say that they do. I have no idea if it is "true" or not, but who am I to disagree with their experiences?
  5. I don't have a definite answer for you, but I personally would stay away from any bbq but my own. My husband and I bought a new bbq last year when we bought our house - no glutenous substance has touched the grill, and none ever will. I have no idea if "burning off" gluten from a bbq grill would work, but I doubt it given some people have sensitivities to some distilled alcohols made from gluten-containing grains, and canola oil due to crop rotation with wheat, etc etc. For me, it would never be worth the risk.
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