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  1. peeptoad

    Candida The Cause?

    I don't mind the die off symptoms so much if it means that the garlic supps are actually working. I can hang for a few...
  2. peeptoad

    Candida The Cause?

    Have you tried Kyolic garlic for the candida? I don't like the idea of long-term prescription anti-fungals either, but...
  3. peeptoad

    Candida The Cause?

    I suspect there may be a connection as well, and I am only diagnosed NCGI (not celiac disease). I am currently battling...
  4. I "4th" Green's ... I also like New Planet Pale Ale, but that's the only of theirs I"ve tried. I didn't like Redbridge...
  5. Thanks. Doesn't really definitively answer anything, but makes me feel even more unsure about eating the rice-based products...
  6. With all the recent news about rice and arsenic (you are now supposed to wash rice before cooking to remove some of the...
  7. The correct answer if you have Celiac actually diagnosed is none, as others have posted. Having said that, plenty of...
  8. peeptoad

    Anxiety And Depression

    tennisman, if you think your depression could be related to vit. D have you tried light therapy yet?
  9. peeptoad

    Casein Intolerance

    Thanks for the info from everyone. I ate hard cheese (aged parmesan) for a couple of days earlier this week and started...
  10. peeptoad

    Casein Intolerance

    I have tried allergy meds: Benadryl, Sudafed, etc. None if it helps. I've had this chronic phlegm/pnd for about 15 years...
  11. peeptoad

    Casein Intolerance

    Started eating hard cheese (fresh parmesan, etc) yesterday morning. Been about 24-36 hours and so far no ill effects...
  12. peeptoad

    Casein Intolerance

    I finally went dairy free last week. It's been almost 8 days and so far I have not noticed a real decline in the symptoms...
  13. peeptoad

    Joint Pain In Fingers

    You can try taking fish oil to see if it helps. Apparently DHA (specifically found in oily fish like salmon or fish oil...
  14. I've taken Align 2 or 3 times in the past and, for me, it is like an expensive placebo. It did absolutely nothing at...
  15. peeptoad

    What To Eat For Dessert?

    So, you need dairy, gluten, and potato free? I've had some of the ice cream substitues that weren't too bad (coconut...