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  1. Hey if you ever come back to this site...drop me a line and tell me whats up!?

    Missed you silly! Hope your allright...it's been 6 months!Hope it wasn't something I said! LOL

  2. I see....still playing hard to get are you...LOL!!!!Hmmmmm the silent treatment!

  3. Just remember...it doesn't matter if the tests are possitive or negitive..(from what I hear the tests are contantly comming back false)..YOU know you react to gluten...thats all that matters...the doctors (a lot of them insensitive bastards!..don't allways know as much as they think!)You do whats good for YOU...even if it means..no gluten!!!

  4. Deleate the OLDEST posts first SILLY... not the other way around...Karang is right...you AUSRALLIANS!!!! Just kidding...couldn't help myself!!! LOL

    You must admit... the upside down computer joke was a good one!

  5. What did you eat????

    thats NOT cool...are you all right now?

  6. I thought I out did myself on "kids selling gluten"...but no one ELSE thought it was funny...(except you and me)...not ONE comment...(sigh!!!)

    my humor is SOOOO unapresiated!!!! LOL

  7. It's okay, I'm just clearing out my messages so there's not so many. I'll start using the messenger function as well because what we say here isn't private at all!

  8. We'll figure this out later...I have to go get my 12 yr. old from school...he has detention because his father dropped him of late...so unfair...poor kid!!!

  9. Ok...every thing I sent you 45 min. ago is gone!!! you obviously got it though...because your on the tecnical page with karang and peter! plus you've responded to my questions! AAAAAAARRRRGGGGG!!!! LOL

  10. so I don't really know what's ahead yet.

    You're right, this is a lovely community. We are lucky to have found it.

    And I saw your post in the 'kids selling gluten' thread. Crazy! Lol!

  11. Hi there. I'm not diagnosed yet. I've had blood tests done and will be getting those results on Monday. But I'm off gluten in the meantime because my throat started swelling and my doctor didn't want me to risk it. I think regardless of the results I'll stay gluten free, but he may refer me to a Gastroenterologist,

  12. I sent you a message the other day...didn't it go through? I selected message under your profile pic so I wouldn't get cut off!!! How have you been? I'm happy it's the weekend and hubby is home. We're heading out to do some exploring! Just of our local area but we are going down a dirt road so it should be fun! Doctor's appointment Monday to get my re...

  13. Have a GOOD sleep...sounds like you need it with all those kids...LOL