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  1. Hey if you ever come back to this site...drop me a line and tell me whats up!?

    Missed you silly! Hope your allright...it's been 6 months!Hope it wasn't something I said! LOL

  2. I see....still playing hard to get are you...LOL!!!!Hmmmmm the silent treatment!

  3. Twinklestars

    It Has To Be Celiac.

    Raven, I had been gluten free for 4 days when the tests were run. But my doctor said that you needed to be off gluten...
  4. Twinklestars

    It Has To Be Celiac.

    Thanks. I had a good cry and feel a bit better. I really didn't want to her the letters IBS come out of her mouth. My...
  5. Twinklestars

    It Has To Be Celiac.

    Okay, I'm back from the doctor. My results for celiac are: Endomysial antibody: negative. Tissue Transglutaminase...
  6. Twinklestars

    It Has To Be Celiac.

    Thanks for the reminder I will definitely ask for copies. I see no reason why they wouldn't give them to me. And...
  7. Twinklestars

    Wow! Great Stuffed Mushrooms!

    Oh yum. I am so trying that this week. Thanks for posting!
  8. Twinklestars

    It Has To Be Celiac.

    Arrgh!! I am so cranky! I have my doctor's appt this morning to get my test results. I've been waiting for this...
  9. I've learned to get by, lol! I've only been gluten free for a couple of weeks so I'll let you know if I see an improvement...
  10. I wonder if I was ever healthy. Milk allergy and excema as a baby, asthma diagnosed at age two, mouth ulcers for as long...
  11. Twinklestars

    Question For Australians

    That's what I was thinking. I was surprised to see it in the email. The Don website doesn't mention KR Castlemaine (that...
  12. Yes, definitely get your kids tested. Some people never show any symptoms of celiac, but there is still damage being...
  13. Your GI sounds great I'm glad they've diagnosed you based on your blood test results, it means you can now be gluten...