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  1. Hey if you ever come back to this site...drop me a line and tell me whats up!?

    Missed you silly! Hope your's been 6 months!Hope it wasn't something I said! LOL

  2. I see....still playing hard to get are you...LOL!!!!Hmmmmm the silent treatment!

  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum I found you all while I was researching the symptoms I've been having. And I have to say, wow! What you all have to say is ringing so many bells for me. I haven't had any testing done yet, but after reading on here I'll be making an appointment tomorrow. Even though I'm sure it's all old news, I'll list my symptoms and I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and whether you think I might be on the right track. Sorry, this will be long - intolerance to dairy, colic and excema as a baby. Asthma diagnosed at age 2. - vivid, recurrent nightmares as a child and a total lack of coordination. Also terrible mouth ulcers. Bouts of strong nausea, sometimes several times a day. I thought I was dying of cancer - terrible gas pains and bloating combined with anaemia as a teen. Nightmares continued as did the nausea. - Gas pain, bloating, mouth ulcers, nausea and nightmares continued into my teens and late 20's. Just after the breakdown of my marriage in addition to the above I also had : - the appearance of a strange blister type rash on my feet and legs on both sides. Insanely itchy and very sore after the blisters popped. They appeared in clusters and 4 years later I can still faintly see the scars. - extreme fatigue - on and off bouts of vomiting and D. This happens randomly and sometimes I have C. It seems to be one or the other these days. - aching bones and joints. It's like the ache is inside my bones and is totally debilitating. I usually feel cold when it happens too. In the last week I've had a couple of episodes of my throat and tongue feeling swollen. It's really scary, and my neck also felt really itchy. I saw a doctor (not mine) and was told it's angio edema and to take an antihistamine for a couple of days. I've eliminated wheat from my diet because the only thing I'd had when my throat suddenly felt swollen was toast. So I 'tested' it and ate toast the next morning and it happened again. My throat also felt like it was burning. But I've only been off wheat for 2 days. In the past I've been diagnosed with: chronic unexplained anaemia, IBS, possible arthritis, seasonal allergies and dermatitis. I'm sitting here with the aching bones, joints and fatigue today and I feel like my body is broken. It's how my husband describes me (I remarried). He's really getting concerned about my health. I also suffer from mild depression, anxiety and feel as though I walk around in a daze sometimes. I also sometimes mix up my words and don't sound them properly, which is really annoying because I've always been so articulate. So, if you got through all that then you're a champion I should be asking for blood tests, yes? Should I push for an endoscopy even if my blood results are negative? I feel a bit lost right now.
  4. Twinklestars

    It Has To Be Celiac.

    Raven, I had been gluten free for 4 days when the tests were run. But my doctor said that you needed to be off gluten for 2 weeks before test results were affected? I guess that's the good thing about being affected by gluten - you don't need a doctor's opinion or approval to stay off it! Well nothing else will happen until after my allergy testing, and the specialist for that has a waiting list of a couple of months. So I'm still gluten free I feel better this morning, less discouraged and glad I'm not still poisoning myself with gluten. It's a good day!
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    It Has To Be Celiac.

    Thanks. I had a good cry and feel a bit better. I really didn't want to her the letters IBS come out of her mouth. My doctor was going to refer me to a GI regardless of my results, but she said according to my test results there is no medical reason to send me to a GI. So I'm seeing an allergist I might wait until my GP gets back from holidays then go back to see him. I rang the Coeliac society here and they said they aren't allowed to recommend doctors. *sigh*
  6. Twinklestars

    It Has To Be Celiac.

    Okay, I'm back from the doctor. My results for celiac are: Endomysial antibody: negative. Tissue Transglutaminase IgA: 6 units (< 20) Total Serum IgA: 1.58g/L (0.69 - 3.10) So according to this, no I don't have celiac. But they also ran a test for IgE (serum) which was: 75kU/L (< 26). So, she told me I have IBS and has referred me to an Immunologist to get an allergy screening done. I feel kind of deflated.
  7. Twinklestars

    It Has To Be Celiac.

    Thanks for the reminder I will definitely ask for copies. I see no reason why they wouldn't give them to me. And I think I glutened myself on the weekend again. What is it with me and weekends?? We went out for ice-cream to a place that told us all their ice cream except for Cookies and Cream were gluten free. They actually know what gluten free means! I've eaten there a couple of times now and had no problems, but I had liquorice flavoured ice cream yesterday and I got that burning sharp pain in my chest after eating it! Now today I have typical symptoms and just feel awful. I love how I feel when I'm off gluten, it makes it so obvious it isn't good for me.
  8. Oh yum. I am so trying that this week. Thanks for posting!
  9. Twinklestars

    It Has To Be Celiac.

    Arrgh!! I am so cranky! I have my doctor's appt this morning to get my test results. I've been waiting for this appointment for 2 weeks. But I couldn't remember exactly what time to go in. So I rang them. THERE IS NO APPOINTMENT BOOKED! The receptionist mustn't have put it in the computer. And to make things even better (total sarcasm) my doctor is now on holidays for 3 weeks. So they managed to get me an appointment with someone else to get my results. So it's good I still get them. But she doesn't know the long conversation I had with my GP, so now I'll have to go through it all again. I am so, so tired of this. Tired of explaining all the time how I feel and sounding like a total lunatic. The appointment might go great, and I hope it does, but right now I'm just so damn weary. Will update when I get back.
  10. I've learned to get by, lol! I've only been gluten free for a couple of weeks so I'll let you know if I see an improvement. I wear flat shoes now because I was notorious for falling off my shoes when I wear heels or anything with a wedge. I've rolled my ankle so many times doing that. I used to cut myself often with knives when I was cooking. I still do it occasionally so am really careful in the kitchen. My hubby watches me like a hawk But oddly enough sometimes I'm okay and my balance and coordination is quite good. Then I get a reality check and realise it was a temporary reprieve, lol! It's kinda embarrassing to play catch with my kids and have trouble catching the ball though
  11. I wonder if I was ever healthy. Milk allergy and excema as a baby, asthma diagnosed at age two, mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember, coordination issues, anxiety. I remember always wishing I was a sporty kid, I had the inclination mentally, but could never follow through because I was so uncoordinated and got tired easily. I thought I was just unfit. I also had recurrent nightmares and growing pains which left me sobbing. I've had severe anaemia since I was 15. And it goes on... I wonder now whether all the times I felt healthy (and I felt healthy most of the time) whether I was. Maybe how I feel everyday is just my 'normal' and I don't know any different. It's a sad thought. I had a good childhood. It was happy. Maybe it could have been amazing.
  12. Hi all I was wondering whether anyone knows if Don boneless leg ham from the deli in Coles is gluten free? Thanks!
  13. Twinklestars

    Question For Australians

    That's what I was thinking. I was surprised to see it in the email. The Don website doesn't mention KR Castlemaine (that I saw). The wording in the email was dodgy. I'm definitely avoiding Don.
  14. Yes, definitely get your kids tested. Some people never show any symptoms of celiac, but there is still damage being done inside. It's hard work navigating this path in the beginning. I've only been gluten free a couple of weeks. Everyone here understands what it's like and what you're going through, that's what makes this forum so terrific. We're all here with you.
  15. Your GI sounds great I'm glad they've diagnosed you based on your blood test results, it means you can now be gluten free and stay that way. You'll be fine at your endoscopy and colonoscopy xxx
  16. Just doesn't matter if the tests are possitive or negitive..(from what I hear the tests are contantly comming back false)..YOU know you react to gluten...thats all that matters...the doctors (a lot of them insensitive bastards!..don't allways know as much as they think!)You do whats good for YOU...even if it gluten!!!

  17. Deleate the OLDEST posts first SILLY... not the other way around...Karang is AUSRALLIANS!!!! Just kidding...couldn't help myself!!! LOL

    You must admit... the upside down computer joke was a good one!

  18. What did you eat????

    thats NOT cool...are you all right now?

  19. I thought I out did myself on "kids selling gluten"...but no one ELSE thought it was funny...(except you and me)...not ONE comment...(sigh!!!)

    my humor is SOOOO unapresiated!!!! LOL

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    What's For Breakfast Today?

    Corn flakes today.
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    Me Too..messages?

    Oh, ha ha ha! It's working now. And Cougie, I'm just clearing out the messages in my profile so there's not so many. They're not just disappearing!
  22. It's okay, I'm just clearing out my messages so there's not so many. I'll start using the messenger function as well because what we say here isn't private at all!

  23. We'll figure this out later...I have to go get my 12 yr. old from school...he has detention because his father dropped him of unfair...poor kid!!!