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  1. lemontree1

    Me And Sister Feel Absolutely Terrible

    Personally, I would start by going refined-sugar free. Sugar can do so much damage and it is addictive. When I first...
  2. lemontree1

    Itchy Scalp, Laundry, And Shampoos

    Those things are definitely gluten related for me. I've been gluten-free for about 3 1/2 months now, and I still have...
  3. lemontree1

    Need Advice Re. Toddler Going Gluten Free...

    At 2 yrs old, you are still pretty in tune with her body. She can't tell you if she feels "off", but you can observe...
  4. I can't give any advice concerning the pill, but still wanted to put in my 2 cents. I used to have very painful periods...
  5. I get a similar looking rash on my elbows and knees. It comes and goes, and while I've found a few things that seem to...
  6. lemontree1

    Bread Without Gum And Starch

    As much as I really wanted to do some experimenting, it turns out I'm actually sensitive to all grains at the moment...
  7. I'm going through much the same thing as you. I feel like I have been glutened even when it is highly unlikely. I think...
  8. lemontree1

    Bread Without Gum And Starch

    If I use chia seeds, do I need to grind them?
  9. I'm going to do some experimenting soon to see how much gum and starches really are necessary in bread. Is there anybody...
  10. lemontree1

    Wheat Allergy

    You are probably still getting bits of wheat/gluten through contamination. Being highly allergic, I am betting you are...
  11. lemontree1

    How Reliable Is A Blood Test?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never heard of a false positive for a Celiac blood test. False negatives abound, but...
  12. Celiac does not show up on ANA. My ANA was negative. All the Celiac tests were positive.
  13. lemontree1

    New Gluten Free Flour

    I've only tried a couple flour blends. I can't stand Bob's Red Mill, and neither can the rest of the family. However...
  14. Yes to all of those. Now with regards to anxiety and depression. My depression almost completely disappeared after...
  15. lemontree1

    Immediate Reaction?

    There has been a time or two that I felt exactly like this while eating something.