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  1. One morning I ate 3 apples for breakfast, and yes a couple of hours later, I felt like I had been "glutened". I called my mother crying and asking her what I should/could do.
  2. I was a bit scared as well, but things weren't as bad as they seemed. I don't remember being sick, just sort of had scattered pain throughout the day. It wasn't anything that needed medication and I felt fine the next day.
  3. red potatoes, brown rice and peas, cheese, and DOVE bars....wait, those aren't natural are they....lol
  4. If I want to lose weight, i eat lots of chicken and lean meat with few, only good carbs.. for example, homemade yogurt and natural applesauce... other than that, it is hard for me to lose
  5. My whole family got Chinese the other day and I was totally craving crab rangoon..... I had them stop by Wal-Mart and pick me up some ice cream, so I could sulk while they enjoyed...
  6. The SCD is wonderful. It really "cleans" your system out and makes you feel better than ever. I make all of my food because I don't trust anyone else to do anything just for the possibility of cross contamination. I don't do much "baking" per se. I only make the "goodies" like cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc. every once in a while, which is usually on the weekends. I don't need to gain weight, in fact I would love to lose a few, so I try to stay away from the calorie dense things like that on the diet. Let me know if you have any more questions, but I highly, highly recommend the diet. It is tough, but worth every bit.
  7. My biopsy was negative as well, but my blood tests were positive. Basically, I showed so much improvement on the gluten free diet, that it was obvious what the problem was. Also, if you had been on a gluten free diet for so long and then had the biopsy.... some healing of the intestines definately could have occured. Basically, stick to the diet that makes you feel the best. good luck
  8. I just want to echo others who said that these packages clearly say Gluten Free on the bottom of the ingredients list..... amazing.
  9. I have sort of adapted my diet. I am not strictly doing SCD anymore..... I can't take the temptation at all of the birthdays, reunions, and get togethers of any sort. I usually have to sit there and watch people eat cake. They can all kiss it. Anyway, lately I have been craving things that are not SCD "legal" like caramel corn rice cakes, so I allow myself to have them 1-2x per week. I still feel really good. If I start to feel icky again, I will definately have to rededicate myself to SCD 100%, but right now things are well...
  10. Mrs. Butterworth's sugar free syrup has gluten in it???? I have seen many conflicting thoughts.
  11. Ordering Chebe bread... it only comes in large quantities. For example, the cinnamon roll up bread comes in a pack of 8 or something like that. Is it worth the 30 dollar price?
  12. I have made ice cream before and it turned out pretty well. It wasn't quite as creamy as I usually like it, but the taste was there
  13. Both are gluten-free and both are incredibly addicting.... enjoy!
  14. lol! There are so many high calories sources for gluten-free followers. Just some of my favorite examples.... gluten-free cookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream, peanuts, cheese, raisins, meat.... just some of the few. It is so easy to eat to much!
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