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I guess I need a few words "about me". I live in FLA, love my family and I'm giving 110% to this whole Gluten Free diet in hopes that my DD lives a healthy and happy life! I'm so thankful I have this place to come and get idea's,support and possibly some venting on frustration about this whole craziness called Celiac!! I am open to any information out there, so please feel free to send anything my way! Thanks.

  1. Hello everyone. It has taken me a while to set up my profile as I'm not real computer savy. My 11 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac. She started having nausea and headache over her Christmas break 2011. Long story short, blood test positive and Endoscopy postive with no damage as of yet. Me, hubby, son are all negative. We are in the first stages of adjustment. Glad to b...

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