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  1. I can relate. When I am flaring I drive with my pants undone!
  2. Hi Scotty, I think we've met on the candida thread. Anyway the diet is so important. You really need to go on the IC diet strictly, then slowly add things in one at a time to see if they cause bladder issues. It is hard to do with the gluten thing, but it helps. Also, try Prelief before every...
  3. Hi all, I have gluten intolerance and IC. My IC was in remission even before going gluten free. It really kicked in after another UTI 2 years after going gluten free. I really believe a lot of IC is candida related. I think this may be the case for me. I currently take Cysta-q (with Quercitin...
  4. Melatonin is my lifesaver. I take 3mg every night now for almost 3 years. Knocks me out! If I wake up in the middle of the night to pee I sometimes take a little more. It does not cause you to wake up groggy.
  5. I have IC. I get bloated daily, but when my bladder is flaring it looks like I am 5 months pregnant. I get pulling pain to. I read something about fluids building up in the area due to the flare. I can't remember exactly. Type in distended abdomen with IC and you should get some info.
  6. Oh my god. Went to Woodman's on Labor day! Wow, great clams and french fries and not greasy or heavy. The portions are huge!! My friend commented on how light and awake he felt. He said he usually feels tired and crappy after fried foods or lots of bread. I said maybe you are gluten intolerant...
  7. Wow someone else with ITP. I was diagnosed last summer with ITP. Platelets went to 84,000, but back up to 121,000. Get tested every 6 months. I also have Interstisial cystitis, Hashimotos hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue that is much better gluten free. Things come and go in...
  8. I am so psyched! I am going next weekend when I am in Boston area. My boyfriend and I were just talking about how much we wanted fried clams. I have not had them for years!!!
  9. I think I just saw that place on Phantom Gourmet. They said that their clams were coated with corn flour. I said to my boyfriend, "Wow I wonder if it is gluten free?" Do they share the fryolator with the clam cakes?? Did you react?? How far is Essex from Boston?
  10. Oranges and other acidic fruits cause my intersticial cystitis to flare and give me mouth sores. It is probably the acid that is bothering him. I take prelief to neutralize acid in foods. I take this with all foods, but never touch oranges or tomatoes.
  11. Hi, I have IC and just had a recent flare after a actual UTI. My intitial bought started after being treated with cipro and it happened again this time. From what I have read antibiotics can ultimately make it worse because it affects the immune system and IC is autoimmune. Cipro is extremely...
  12. This can be caused by thryoid disorder. Get your thyroid levels checked.
  13. I have always bruised easily and still do. I believe it is because my platelets are low. Have been for years. Though haven't had them tested since going gluten free.