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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today

  2. No I haven't tried Strongbow! I'll have to check it out! Here in about two months I'm probably going to be really ready to try a little of that!
  3. Good idea Jen! That would be pretty close to beer! Woodchuck is also gluten-free!
  4. I don't get the same reaction that I do with gluten, but many wines (not all....and I haven't figured out the connection between the ones that do....it's not just red or just white) make me break out in what can only be described as hives. It looks a lot like the mask that people with Lupus get...
  5. I think my mom has undiagnosed Celiac disease, or at least a gluten sensitivity. She normally has a strong enough reaction from bready food that she knows what did it to her. She normally will not eat cake, cookies, breads, crackers, etc. And she only cooks with rice flour. However she doesn...
  6. Anya- Good luck TTC! My husband and I are going to start trying next month as well. We have been working up the nerve to try for quite a while now, but after an inconclusive test last month we were both surprisingly disappointed to find out I wasn't pregnant. So we decided that now is the time...
  7. I've had night sweats as long as I can remember (probably had celiac disease too, but wasn't diagnosed) It doesn't really bother me as much because I'm used to it, but my husband won't let me get near him when I sleep because he says I'm too hot. In fact he says he can tell when I'm starting to...