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  1. Hi The only time mine vanished (to my surprise) was when I had a course of strong antibiotics and steroids to treat a bad chest infection. It came straight back afterwards (this was over 20 years ago). It was somewhat helped by a long course of oxytetracycline antibiotics (sp?) prescribed for...
  2. Hi I have what I call 'classic DH' with lesions like Sqitch (sorry about that abbreviation ) on scalp and just occasional on shoulder blades and buttocks. (Used to have it very badly on all three of those places) and have scarring to this day on back and buttocks. Astonishingly symmetrical! Lesions...
  3. Hi I didn't know you could use it for humans. We use it for our chooks (hens) to control red mite/mites, etc. Dust the chook and put in their house and scratch/rolling holes in dry summer weather so they can dust themselves with it. I think they are ok eating a bit too. Sorry, not much help.
  4. If I eat sea salt (which sadly, I really like) my DH worsens from about the 2nd day of having it. This applies to putting it in things I'm making and eating too. I don't eat salty things normally but occasionally some sea salt is lovely . When I was eating oily fish (mainly salmon) three times...
  5. Hi Really important to find shampoo/cond that doesn't aggravate it - this might take some time and trial! Mine is rapidly affected by iodine and I have to limit oily fish and sea salt or it goes beserk. I haven't tried a low iodine diet because of the health benefits of iodine but I do have to...
  6. Hi I have just started to take B12 (Methylcobalamin) - it is liquid form and I put drops under tongue to absorb sublingually. This also avoids potential absorbtion problems from damaged digestive system as sublingually is absorbed directly into the bloodstream - I think!!! Have also read (please...
  7. Hi I just can't eat cannned tuna either. Used to have it pre-gluten-free but felt so yuk all the time back then that may not have noticed. Pretty soon noticed when gluten free though (along with lots of other things ). Have tried it packed in just spring water but no good. I can eat canned...
  8. Another aspect of Gluten Head - when glutened on waking in morning I have to go through the days of the week to work out what day it is! Had no idea this was caused by gluten until gluten free!
  9. "Gluten Head" - that's what it is !!! New medical term, I think .
  10. Hi A bit late coming to this, I know, but with gluten I used to have balance issues. Only a little but enough to be a nuisance and make me self conscious - comparable to getting up after a large glass of wine! Also slightly clumsy, knocking myself on things. I also do one morning a week requiring...