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  1. Apart from major problems from glutening like anxiety, depression, flying off the handle (general temperament probs), tearful - to name but a few! I am none of these gluten free - a real happy bunny . Have also noticed it affects my piano playing (for pleasure) and mental arithmatic. It's as if it gets into your brain and then it can't function properly - sort of clogged up.
  2. Lady Eowyn

    My Thoughts On "types" Of Dh

    A psychologist told me that the DH on my back and scalp was self harming (!!!!!! ). Doc told me that I was spreading it by scratching it !!!! This was some years ago and although I had no idea what it was myself - I did know that I WASN'T self harming.
  3. Hi tennisman I take Lamberts Vit D 1000iu per day available through Amazon (or quality health food store). I think it is a good one and I definitely feel better with taking it. Like you, I am in the UK and struggling to remember what sunshine looks like! Additional thought - have you had your thyroid function checked. I would say that low thyroid = feeling low/depression. Might be worth checking just in case. Hope you feel better soon (and hope we get a beautiful summer).
  4. Lady Eowyn

    Keep Making Stupid Mistakes!

    Hi Been there! It's like getting bogged down in a swamp and like 'what the hell can I actually eat???' All I can say is that it gets better and it gets much easier - I guess, with practice. I am sure some people are brilliant from day 1 but I suspect for most, it's a big learning curve. Getting it wrong is part of learning and providing you keep at it - it will improve along with how you feel. Hope you feel better soon .
  5. Lady Eowyn

    DH Photo Bank

    Hi The only time mine vanished (to my surprise) was when I had a course of strong antibiotics and steroids to treat a bad chest infection. It came straight back afterwards (this was over 20 years ago). It was somewhat helped by a long course of oxytetracycline antibiotics (sp?) prescribed for it by doc who said it was infected skin (?????????). Came straight back after and a second course had negligible effect. (Again, this is years ago)!
  6. Lady Eowyn

    DH Photo Bank

    Hi I have what I call 'classic DH' with lesions like Sqitch (sorry about that abbreviation ) on scalp and just occasional on shoulder blades and buttocks. (Used to have it very badly on all three of those places) and have scarring to this day on back and buttocks. Astonishingly symmetrical! Lesions on scalp vary in severity but never gone and worse for iodine and thyroid meds. Anyway - dani nero's finger pics got me wondering because I get that and have had it on underside of forearms. Extremely itchy and I have always assumed it was Contact Eczema that arrived out of the blue at intervals. Now I'm wondering if it's a variation of DH!!
  7. Hi I get right shoulder pain - sharp stabbing pain in centre of shoulder blade - that I am sure is gluten connected. It has been bothering me again a bit lately and I have wondered if dairy is now the cause. I have not given dairy up but I now think I have arrived at crunch time and it has to go! I don't have much but if I'm honest, it doesn't agree with me .... that's it - decision made! Dairy's going !
  8. Lady Eowyn

    Eye Discomfort

    With apologies for the spelling - optician - that's better! Not with it this morning ....... I had lots done to my teeth as a child. Too many teeth for mouth (including two werewolf style) that came out lower, so had 5 out when about 11 yo then all manner of braces. Also chips came off both front teeth and they are symmetrically (good spelling ) grooved horizontally with enamel damage.
  9. Hi Yes it is an old thread but to let you know I have trouble with dried fruit especially dates. You know, those big squishy, yummy ones - medjool, I think. Well, they seriously gluten me (that's just one ) and I have been told that they can be rolled lightly in flour at some stage in their processing! That would account for it !
  10. Hi I don't consider these points for missed diagnoses but the posts above reminded me of a few things re: pregnancy. I weighed a stone less when I had my son - that is a stone less that pre-pregnant weight, so had lost weight in pregnancy. I only breastfed for 6 weeks because it drained me so and made me lose more weight. I think I have read somewhere that celiacs tend to only breastfeed for a short length of time - don't know if this is true but it was with me.
  11. Lady Eowyn

    Eye Discomfort

    Hi EricaM YES!! I was really glad to see this post because it is something I had considered posting about. I have worn contact lenses for 36 years (gas permeable) all day, every day, taking them out at night, of course. I have loved them and never had any troubles until about the last year/18 mths. It is my belief that gluten makes them fog up - knock on effect, causes very bad temper (it is so annoying). The optitian says that it is protein on them. I can clean them, put them back in and they fog up again real quick. This only happens when glutened. I have given it a fair bit of thought and can't see how the gluten is turning up in my eyes so in my own mind, I wondered if it is to do with dehydration. The optitian told me that eyes have lipids and protein in tears and when dehydrated these can attach together and stick to my lenses - or something like that! Either way, I am convinced it is caused by what I'm eating. When I am cc'd one of my first things is thirst and I suspect I suffer from dehydration generally anyway. When I am really careful (paleo style) I get no lens fog. Two other points: I can't eat ground almonds in things - they gluten me badly, so I guess they are heavily cc'd. I soak my lenses (at least once a week) with an enzyme/protein remover tablet which is pretty effective and I also maintain a strict cleaning regime for them. I do have a pair of long distance glasses but like you, I find them heavy and annoying although they are modern/lightweight. Sunglasses too. Of course, I now have to wear reading glasses as my contacts are for knockout vision long distance!
  12. Lady Eowyn

    My Trendy Friend

    Personally, I think the majority of the population would benefit by being gluten free or gluten light. I think gluten is at the root of many modern day illnesses and health problems so I don't think anyone needs a 'valid' reason to give it up. It strikes me that gluten is in lots of processed food where it shouldn't be in the first place (along with soy, I hasten to add) so possibly the more people that jump on the band wagon, the more likely gluten free things might appear. This would certainly benefit children - to have less gluten in their diets. Don't let me even start on soy! As for eating in restaurants - you're always going to run a certain risk, in my opinion, whatever the restaurant/staff say. I have had people who know nothing about gluten be very sensible with me and celiacs who have come out with complete rubbish!!
  13. Hi Quincy Personally I would say that your TSH is too high and would recommend the full thyroid tests as above (at least T4 T3 and antibodies). I would certainly be ill with that TSH. Having said that, and as others have mentioned, TSH is a poor indicator for thyroid and should not be relied upon, especially when taken on it's own. I also believe that the thyroid plays a major role in the management of calcium so it follows that low thyroid (which your TSH suggests) can cause problems with calcium. Sorry, don't know anything about the PTH but would get your thyroid evaluated further as a priority.
  14. Hi Hannah I can understand your feeling that the eating gluten free is embarking on another 'obsessing over food thing' and that this might seem encouraging to an eating disorder. All I can say is that it hasn't worked out like that with me. Simply DON'T let yourself view it like that. You have discovered what to eat to keep your body happy and healthy so just go for it and keep the whole gluten free way of eating as a positive move. Without gluten my appetite and eating habits are normal (without trying) but one of my symptoms of cc is that it triggers me to want to eat. I will add here that one or two other foods do this to me as well. All those years of desperate eating were from the gluten. Luckily (sort of ) I never gained any weight in spite of eating masses and whenever I tried to eat healthily (cutting out the packets of biscuits, cakes, etc) I lost more weight - thought I had a great metabolism!!!! I couldn't do it now - I would gain weight now and would be appallingly ill.
  15. Hi Thought I would ask if anyone out there has any advice on psoriatic arthritis. It's hubs who gets it. He had psoriasis from age about 11 (I think), not too bad, just on elbows, shins, ankles and backs of knuckles. Had steroid type creams for this (not much good, I believe). Well the psoriasis went away and was replaced by psoriatic arthritis when he was about 38. It started in one knee which blew up huge and when the hospital finally worked out what it was they operated on it - that knee is now so much worse! He is now 62 and has joint swelling and pain (to varying degrees) in wrists, ankles, knees and toes and slightly in fingers. He has taken Indometicin (nsaid) for over 20 years and until about 2 years ago took a disease modifying tablet (can't think of the name at the moment) but a new doc told him it was no good and would damage his liver so he stopped that. It was obviously not doing much as he hasn't missed it. He kindly went gluten free with me and to be honest I wonder if he has celiac too as he is generally improved although he does occasionally have some (very rare). In the past I often noticed his PA was much worse after drinking beer - you can imagine the denial this comment produced over the years ! In the last week or two it has been playing up for the first time since gluten free - any ideas or suggestions for anything that may help? (Apologies for any spelling mistakes).