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  1. genieb

    Found A Great Pasta!

    The only Shar product I've tried is the chibata rolls. They were pretty good, but of course expensive. My mom introduced...
  2. genieb

    Homemade Chocolates

    Interesting links. Thank you. I have a recipe called Better 'N Fudge that I make with cocoa powder, natural peanute...
  3. genieb


    Interesting article. Molasses is a very strong flavor so a little goes a long way. I don't use in in everything but...
  4. genieb

    Suing The Devil

    It was filed in protest of what he considered "frivolous lawsuits." Details here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/208...
  5. genieb


    This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine and I'm from the midwest where we aren't afraid to speak our minds. No offense...
  6. genieb


    I generally prefer to convert my own recipes because IMHO many gluten free cookbooks make things way more difficult than...
  7. genieb

    Broth Powder

    I stopped using the powder/cubes as well as canned broth many years ago due to the high sodium content. At first I looked...
  8. genieb

    Muffins Burning

    You might be over baking them. Many of the gluten free flours do not produce a nicely browned finished product. In...
  9. genieb

    Calling All Cat Owners

    Could be. Breeds and even individual cats differ in hair length, texture and dander. You might also want to look at...
  10. genieb

    Need Advice

    I'm guessing you receive your meal as a benefit because you will be working during lunch. Everywhere I have worked staff...
  11. genieb

    Hot Enough For You?

    Our heat wave finally broke a few days ago. In the 80's today, low 60's tonight. But it looks like it's going to start...
  12. genieb

    Suing The Devil

    Haven't seen either movie, but we do have a former state senator who tried to sue God -- for real.
  13. genieb

    gluten-free Cereals?

    Bob really likes the Mesa Sunrise from Nature's Path, but he doesn't like the price. I still buy it for him every once...
  14. genieb

    Teff Flour

    I've been wanting to study teff more, but just haven't had time. It is one of the "protein" grains/flours. I do use...
  15. genieb


    I got a little bit of that at the beginning but not much. No one ever says anything like that anymore. Their mouths...