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  1. justlisa

    Deli Meat

    I buy Applegate (first choice) or Boar's Head (only from my local produce market which has a deli...they only sell Boar...
  2. As I recall from your other post, your time gluten-free was ripe for possible/probable CC. Gluten intolerance is autoimmune...
  3. Two things: You need to find out the results of your biopsy. Is it MRSA? I'm a bit concerned with the antibiotics...
  4. Hey Guys... I'm giving up tomatoes... Any ideas for an alternative, pig out salsa? I'm looking for something to...
  5. justlisa

    Coconut Flour Banana Bread

    Awesome! I've really been concentrating on coconut and almond flour because of the hubby... Great stuff! You should...
  6. justlisa

    Bloating Up

    Hey 1DL... What reaction did you have to smelling the mustard? I always wonder about cc in "shared" kitchens/households...
  7. justlisa

    How Do You Tell If It's A Virus Or Gluten?

    Isn't the bakery gluten-free?
  8. justlisa

    How Do You Tell If It's A Virus Or Gluten?

    Can you find out, from the bakery, the ingredients of the cake? It may not have been gluten...he could be having trouble...
  9. justlisa

    Still Finding It Hard

    Java... That always sucks... I had my "inner talk" last night...I am giving up dairy, corn, nightshades and sugars...
  10. Oh kswan...you poor thing! That's awful! I really HATE that cold, disaffected, dismissive attitude from docs! My...
  11. Hi kswan... This thread "stuck" with me... It was a very informative thread... Just found myself thinking about...
  12. Just made this tonight! It's delicious... Best part...my type 1 diabetic hubby can enjoy it, too! Super easy to...
  13. Ok... So my next post is going to have to be for suggestions for a food safe poop wash... All your fault...well..and...
  14. But, then we'd have to come up with some sort of system for the party-pooper-negative-nelly types... Wouldn't want anyone...