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  1. justlisa

    Deli Meat

    I buy Applegate (first choice) or Boar's Head (only from my local produce market which has a deli...they only sell Boar's Head so no other meats are sliced on their equipment).
  2. As I recall from your other post, your time gluten-free was ripe for possible/probable CC. Gluten intolerance is autoimmune...not an "allergy". Without gastro issues, you are not, necessarily, going to have "immediate reactions"... Neuro symptoms can (if they do) take a while to improve. As others have said, you will possibly need to determine if you have other intolerances...or if other foods might be exacerbating symptoms. You now have an answer...a dx... That's good news. The best advice I can give you is to be very vigilant in avoiding gluten. There's no such thing as "a little bit won't hurt you" when it comes to gluten intolerance. And, just be patient...hard, I know, but this is a big part of it. Good luck...
  3. Two things: You need to find out the results of your biopsy. Is it MRSA? I'm a bit concerned with the antibiotics "switch"... Your biopsy result should indicate which antibiotics your particular bacteria strain is susceptible to... Very important. It is, also, very important to finish an antibiotic IF your strain is susceptible to the antibiotic. And... As for gluten... CC while eating out...in a "shared" kitchen...etc...is difficult to avoid... And (well, I guess I'll add a third thing)... If you've been cycling through antibiotics, yeast could be a concern for you... If so, you'll need some additional changes to your diet and supplementation...
  4. Hey Guys... I'm giving up tomatoes... Any ideas for an alternative, pig out salsa? I'm looking for something to scoop and scoop...with my rice tortilla chips... When/If I get hungry later in the day, homemade salsa has been a staple. Sure would love to come up with an enjoyable replacement! I'm also cutting out potatoes, dairy, corn, sugars.
  5. Awesome! I've really been concentrating on coconut and almond flour because of the hubby... Great stuff! You should try the recipe for coconut flatbread pizza! Easy and really good...
  6. justlisa

    Bloating Up

    Hey 1DL... What reaction did you have to smelling the mustard? I always wonder about cc in "shared" kitchens/households... things like door knobs, faucets, fridge handle, etc. Could this be likely?
  7. Can you find out, from the bakery, the ingredients of the cake? It may not have been gluten...he could be having trouble with another ingredient. (?) Have you seen him glutened since going gluten-free? Symptoms? Fever? Cold, aches and pains? It's early, yet, but it does sound digestive.
  8. justlisa

    Still Finding It Hard

    Java... That always sucks... I had my "inner talk" last night...I am giving up dairy, corn, nightshades and sugars...starting today. I am going to miss my hot tea with cane sugar (two in the morning to get me moving. My only real sweet.) Losing potatoes, cheese and tomatoes is going to be really tough, too. Sigh. Well... I really just wanted to say...I feel your pain.
  9. Oh kswan...you poor thing! That's awful! I really HATE that cold, disaffected, dismissive attitude from docs! My first rheumatologist fired me because she said I was "too emotional". So sorry to have shared my "emotions" with her... I can't believe they didn't hydrate you...ugh... That's so scary when they are so vague... You should call up the doctor's service and make him/her call you. You shouldn't have to go through the weekend with that additional stress! I am so sorry you're feeling this poorly! While I am not suffering the exact same things, I do know what it's like to be so sick, scared and feeling alone. Rest, hydrate and eat if you can (broths would be best, I think... do you have someone who can make them for you? Take care of you this weekend? Come in here if you need "us". Take it easy, honey.
  10. Hi kswan... This thread "stuck" with me... It was a very informative thread... Just found myself thinking about you today... How are you doing?
  11. Just made this tonight! It's delicious... Best part...my type 1 diabetic hubby can enjoy it, too! Super easy to make... (I used raw stevia instead of the liquid). She has a coconut blueberry banana bread recipe that is really good, too... http://www.mygutsy.com/coconut-flour-banana-bread/
  12. Ok... So my next post is going to have to be for suggestions for a food safe poop wash... All your fault...well..and Adelaide. Squirming, this could set me back...
  13. But, then we'd have to come up with some sort of system for the party-pooper-negative-nelly types... Wouldn't want anyone to feel slighted... Good point, Karen... I was just being selfish...