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  1. I have a product that I bought a while ago but did not try so I am not sure exactly how well it works but it is basically a gluten free gluten additive for gluten-free Flours. It is from Orgran and the product is actualyl caleld Gluten Free Gluten now that I am looking at the package. Supposedly it gives gluten-free flours "workability and versatility" From the packaging - Thsi product will provide structure and will mimic the physical protein found in wheat in a way that will allow you to make a dough or batter with similarities and consistencies to wheat based ingredients. Hope that helps.
  2. You could try just dipping the popper into an egg and milk mxture and then into seasoned AL gluten-free flour. I have nto had any luck with batters and deep frying. Every time the batter seems to run off and through the fry cage so when I am done all I have is fried food with the batter lying at the bottom of the fryer
  3. Not sure if this is what you are looking for exactly but I made awesome Extra Crispy chicken over the weekend. All I did was dip the chicken in egg beaten with milk and then into all purpose gluten-free flour that I seasoned to taste and then dipped it back into the egg mixture, then iback into the flour. Its a little goopy this way but if you get enough flour on the second time, it stops being runny. But your hands get all doughy Then I deep fried the chicken and the coating was nicely crispy. If you are looking for more of a panko type coating, I woudl suggest getting a gluten-free corn flake cereal and cruching it up however fine you want to. I used natures path but found it to be a little sweet for coatingbut it wasn't horrible. It would be better if I could find a cereal that was not sweetened but the selection is not good where i am.
  4. LOL it was too crispy for that even. It was more like a dried out taco. One bite and it disintegartes into shards.
  5. I heard that you can do this too I was thinking that rice paper might work as a replacement for phyllo
  6. yeah I used to go through eno so much I should have bought stock
  7. I would not be surprised as everytime I drink a soda with caramel colouring I react as if I have been glutened.
  8. This was not in the US. And I got very ill after drinking it so I assume that it was wheat. On lables in Canada if there is any starch - modified or not - it must be labled as to the source of the starch. Most of the ones with modified food starch are either wheat or corn here. But this was a few years ago and the source was not identified. From the reaction I had, it was gluten.
  9. Some coffe *might* have gluten in it - not as an ingredient but more likely through cross contamination while processing. I know there is one coffee that makes me very sick when I drink it, not sure of the brand but it is at a restaurant chain here in canada. Also some teas might have the same issue. I saw one brand though that had a gluten free lable . I think it was the Twinings brand.
  10. You could try the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) just in case you are reacting to somethingother than gluten. Many people with Celiac - having eaten gluten containing foods for years without realising - can have damage to the intestines that can take a while to heal. There is an actual condition known as Leaky Gut Syndrome where the toxins that should be filtered out in the digestion process are instead pumped into the blood stream. The SCD diet is a very strict diet that cuts back on everything - especially grains and all allergens - at first and then after a while re-introduces more food into your diet to see what yor triggers are - mine are oats, kiwis and apples besides gluten. Just google it and you will find many sites about it. You might want to try that I also agree that a colon cleansing at this point might be too invasive of a procedure while your intestinal walls are still healing. You might do more damage than helping.
  11. I was glutened by root bear once. I beleive it was Barks Rootbeer and one of the ingredients in it was modified food starch. If there is anything like food starch, or starch without stating what the source of the starch is, just assume it is wheat. I only drank about an inch from the bottle and I was sick for three days.
  12. Many restaurant nowadays have food prepared off site. There might be gluten in the burger OR They might have had it prepared as usual, remembered all of a sudden that it was to be without a bun and then took the bun away. That has happened to me at a restaurant once. The only reason I knew was that there was a crumb fromthe bun the they forgot to brush off or I would not have known.
  13. I have had the same thing happen to me at restaurants One time I had informed the waitress that I was on a gluten free diet, ordered a steak from the part of the menu that she pointed out was gluten free - they didn't have a gluten-free menu but she knew what I could and could not eat. When my steak arrived, it was sitting on a bed of breaded onions. I sent it back as I told her that I would get very ill if I ate that. She left and came back within 5 minutes. I looked at the steak and it was covered with breaded onion parts underneath still. She thgought that she could just get the onions off the plate and it wold be okay. I told her that I still was unable to eat the steak as it was covered in gluten. She rolled her eyes and made a point of telling me how long it would take for the kitchen to prepare a new steak for me. I actually had to get the manager to come over and explained to him what had happened. But yeah it took three tries to get an unglutened steak and this was from a restaurant that is listed as a gluten-free Friendly restaurant on menuism.com. I now only go to restaurant - still not very often - that have a dedicated gluten-free menu. Many servers are only as good as the allergen training they have had - and many of them have no idea.
  14. Many "glues" on the market do contain wheat or an unspecified starch. I dont think that there have been many cases reported about being glutened by glues however, as if I have been glutened the last thing I would think was the culprit would be stamp glue Most of the time if anyone gets glutened, they think through what they ate that could have had gluten in it. Glues would be the last thing on your mind. I havent actually had a stamp that had to be licked in years as the stamps where I live have been the peel back types that dont need licking to activate them.
  15. I had the same issues and everytime I picked up a hairdye that I liked, it had wheat or oats in it I am using nice and easy right now because the Loreal brand that has the colours I like is not gluten-free and the Loreal brand I can use, I dont like any of the colours. I wish they at least had the same colour selection.
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