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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I think I must have the flax seed MEAL. I wish I had kept the bag, but I wanted to keep it in the refrigerator so I put it in a plastic canister. I remember the bag saying that you could use it to substitute for some of the oil in recipes. Now that I'm pretty sure I have the right ingredient, I'll...
  3. I have a question about flax. Is flax seed meal the same as flax? I bought something awhile ago, it was Bob's Red Mill and came in a white bag. I, of course, poured it into a separate container to put in the refrigerator, and threw away the bag. I think it's flax meal, but I'm not sure. Would...
  4. Has anyone tried the new Breyer's Cyclones? As far as I know, there is only 1 flavor we can have (caramel cup swirl or something like that), but mmmm is it good! I missed the "Blizzard" type treats, and this is pretty darn tasty. - Lauren
  5. I saw a Whatchamacallit the other day and remembered that they used to be my favorite candy bar. For those who are unfamiliar, it's chocolate covered, has PB and caramel, and crispy rice. It's made by Hershey and the ingredients LOOKED ok to me... does anyone eat them? Does anyone know if they are...
  6. OK forgive me for not reading the entire thread (I will though!) but YES I get terrible nightsweats! I'm only 24, but I think mine is hormonal (my hormones are all messed up). I've noticed also that if I eat something big before going to bed I get nightsweats. My nutrionist thought it might be my...
  7. I see the best.... Dr. Fasano The GI I had before Dr.F just didn't know enough about Celiac Disease. Dr. Fasano stepped in at a crucial time for me, and literally saved my life. I had to see him quite frequently at first, now it's only twice a year (checking my antibody levels). I also...
  8. Does anyone know if Smart Balance mayo is gluten-free? I bought some w/o thinking. Thanks. - Lauren