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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I love Tofu Pups by Lightlife. Yummy!!! http://www.lightlife.com/product_detail.jsp?p=tofupups - Lauren
  3. Spunky, Wow do I relate! Sometimes I think the same of myself - I literally had gluten at every meal and snack, day in and day out prior to my bout with pancreatitis and subsequent Celiac diagnosis. I'm still unsure of my official trigger, but I've wondered if I "OD-ed" on gluten! I'm sorry to hear that your friends have ostracized you. True friends would understand that your health comes first! One of the main reasons I haven't gone 100% vegan is because of my Celiac diagnosis (well that and my weakness for real ice cream ). I don't beat myself up about it though, so I hope you won't either. Best of luck! - Lauren M
  4. I have NO problem with your way of life, which I've stated previously. What I'm having a hard time understanding is why you have such a problem with my (and other vegetarians) way of life. Why do you care? And I don't ever recall saying you were stupid? I have no ill will to anyone on this board, and this is the first time in the years that I've posted here that I've been treated so rudely. I don't want to hijack this thread with more personal convos (and I suggest you follow the same lead) - I tried to send you a personal message but it said you aren't accepting. Oh well. To the original poster again - definitely check out those cookbooks I recommended and I'm sorry to take up space on your thread with misc. chit chat! - Lauren
  5. Oh puhh-lease. Meat is only a renewable resource as long as factory farming exists. What kind of life is that - being bred and born just to be killed? Not to even BEGIN to mention the caged up "life" they lead when the animals actually are alive. And no, I'm not feeding you PETA crap - I'm not a fan of PETA at all. I'm just a 26-year-old who has been a vegetarian since she was four (by my own choice - neither of my parents are vegetarian, I did it because I love animals). I was diagnosed with Celiac when I was 21 and never even considered eating meat. Being a vegetarian (trying to go vegan now..) is just a part of who I am. I don't preach to meat-eaters that they need to go veg - I respect their choices. So how about the same respect in turn for those of us vegetarians and vegans out there? And to the original poster, you definitely CAN eat healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian meals! Ensure or Boost are definitely good options if you need some more calories and protein. I eat a good amount of tofu, but also combining incomplete proteins like beans and rice. Another suggestion - check out these books on Lame Advertisement, I have one cookbook that's vegetarian gluten-free, and one that is vegan gluten-free: The Gluten-Free Vegetarian Kitchen by Donna Klein and The Gluten Free Vegan by Susan O'Brien. I have them both and they're great! <a href="http://www.Lame Advertisement/Gluten-Free-Vegan-Delicious-Animal-Free-Recipes/dp/1600940323/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1213318352&sr=8-1" target="external nofollow">http://www.Lame Advertisement/Gluten-Free-Vegan-De...8352&sr=8-1</a> <a href="http://www.Lame Advertisement/Gluten-Free-Vegetarian-Kitchen-Nutritious-Wheat-Free/dp/1557885109/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1213318393&sr=8-2" target="external nofollow">http://www.Lame Advertisement/Gluten-Free-Vegetari...8393&sr=8-2</a> If you have any other questions or want any other support from a somewhat veteran - let me know! - Lauren M Edited to Add: for some reason those links aren't showing up, but do a search on Amazon and you'll find them!
  6. Correct! - Lauren (occasional Outback server)
  7. Hey holiday, I actually work at Outback, and while it is true that the butter "balls" that they use with the veggies have seasoning on them that is not gluten-free, they are not used in sauteeing the mushrooms. Alice Springs chicken should be entirely gluten-free as is. The staff may have been extra cautious because they may not be as familiar with the gluten-free menu as they should be(!) but you can enjoy it in the future with the mushrooms. Outback (as is the case with most chains I'm sure) is very rigid about doing things "their" way and by the books, so I wouldn't think the individual restaurant would prepare food differently. - Lauren
  8. Pam Cureton is the nutritionist who works with Dr. Fasano in Baltimore. She is FANTASTIC! - Lauren
  9. The mushrooms with the Alice should be fine. It is the sauteed burgundy mushrooms (the side item) that should be avoided. And as far as the honey mustard dressing, ALL of Outback's dressings are homemade, so there shouldn't be a distributor inconsistency issue. - Lauren
  10. I've been a vegetarian since I was 4 (I'm now 25), and was diagnosed with Celiac disease a few months before my 22nd b-day. I could never go back to eating meat, and honestly the thought never crossed my mind. I LOVE the flavor of vegetables, fresh or steamed, so I don't really feel the challenge to make them more appealing or appetizing. However, sometimes it's nice to spice them up with crushed red pepper, or garlic. One of my favorites (because I adore tomato sauce) is to pour canned spaghetti sauce over broccoli and spinach, and then mix in some spices. Spaghetti squash is also great, especially in the summer season. Also, Mrs. Dash seasonings are gluten-free, so I sometimes use them to give some flavor to veggie soups and such. There are also a lot of really great variations on salads that you can do to make them more exciting. I like to experiment throwing in whatever I feel like at the moment. I also enjoy salsa and hummus, both of which I dip into with fresh veggies, tortilla chips, or soy crisps. Good luck. I would also like to check out that new gluten-free/veg. cookbook. I've been meaning to buy it! - Lauren
  11. Oh wow, how cool! Where does your Aunt live? I'm wondering if I've seen her at some shows before. I was looking at her website, but didn't see a location. You can PM me if you prefer. (By the way, since my quote post was originally made in 9/05, I have moved to New Jersey, and recently back to Maryland, now in Frederick since Jan of this year. Time flies...) - Lauren
  12. TJ's praline pecans are probably my favorite thing ever. They are so good it's ridiculous. So decadent... soooo yummy!!! - Lauren
  13. It might have been cross-contamination, but they use Daisy brand sour cream at Outback, and it is gluten-free. Also, the honey butter is gluten-free. If you want your veggies with butter, just ask that it not be the seasoned butter. Outback recently switched to a remote printing system that allows servers and kitchen staff to communicate MUCH better and makes gluten-free meals easier to prepare. For just about every item on the menu, there is a "gluten-free" button on the computer screen. Still, cross-contamination is a major concern at any place, Outback being no exception - Lauren
  14. Yes, insurance covered with copay. I'm telling you now, I think that if you are not seeing worthwhile improvements since going gluten-free, Dr. F. MAY want you to go back on gluten and be retested/biopsied. You wouldn't know for sure unless you went to see him, but knowing him, that would be my guess. - Lauren
  15. Oh wow, I've never heard any of that. Honestly, I credit Dr. F. with saving my life. His staff - Pam King (the center's director), Pam Cureton (the nutrionist), and Maggie, are BEYOND fantastic. He's never asked me to be a test subject for anything! I think Dr. F. is refreshing b/c he's a doctor who actually has a personality - each year he does the Celiac Walk/Run in Baltimore with his wife and son, and he always is laughing, joking around, and is so appreciative of everyone's support of his studies. I am surprised that other people have had a less than satisfactory experience at the center for celiac in B-more. To each his own, I guess? - Lauren
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