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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Does Dh Ever Go Away?

    To provide a bit of balance I was diagnoses Coeliac/Celiac Sep 2012 and have had the rash. TBH it pre-dated the diagnosis in a mild form by about 18 months. Anyway, I would say my DH has practically vanished as of 2 months ago. One thing I will say - there are triggers other than gluten IMO e.g. I have a suspicion central heating isn't good for it, and I *know* sweaty sports clothes definitely aggravate it.
  2. Very Hard To Lose Fat

    Or cycling - because it's low impact and you'll be able to do more of it. Running is better for losing weight as weight-bearing but easy to get injured. If I were you I'd mix the two.
  3. Went to see a dietician last week and the one thing she picked up on was calcium supplementation now that I've cut right back on dairy (lactose was giving me gastric pain which was higher up than my "gluten pain"). She suggested 1500mg a day but it's pretty hard to hit that with normal diet - I eat alot of sardines and there is quite a bit of calcium in those among lots of other good stuff. Are there any risks with taking calcium supplements? Was just thinking about possible kidney issues? Many thanks people....
  4. I think that's the key point and that you need to give things a few months, possibly even a year or two. I get the impression you are still fairly young? Plenty of time to get fit again and achieve all those goals.
  5. Firstly, I will say that the Elocon corticosteroid I use works brilliantly. However, I don't think very long term use is ideal so I'm trying to wean myself off of it - now trying to use it once a week and very very sparingly. While ice packs relieve the itchiness I would say only the Elocon gets rid of it without waiting a long time for it to go on it's own. I believe I read somewhere Dapsone affects red blood cell production so a no-no for anyone wanting performance. This is increasingly the message people are telling me, other than my parents - but I guess that's to be expected :-)
  6. Another point I'd like to make to do with DH - and I think it's more pertinent to put it here than in the DH forum. One of things that does make DH worse is heat and sweat....so here in the UK it's seldom that warm so I've found going out on bike as per usual gets my mind off the DH and as long as you don't overdress the heat is not an issue. Same with indoor riding on my trainer....now I just ensure I don't wear a t-shirt on top and turn the fan in front of me up an extra notch and the DH feels much better i.e. it's not an issue AT ALL in this situation. Sometimes this is even one more reason to do some training. So...win-win.
  7. Hello people. I have heard colostrum can help heal the gut and can be used as a preventative measure prior to exercise. My questions are: 1. has anyone had good/bad experiences with using it? 2. does it contain the same components as regular milk that cause many people to abstain or reduce milk intake during early stages of gut healing? fwiw i am 5 months gluten-free and have found less gastric distress from reducing milk intake but don't want to use colostrum if it brings back those symptoms. Thanks.
  8. At no point have I found any difference in how I feel after working out pre or post diagnosis. The problem is the more you read on what can affect the gut integrity the more you think moderation is imperative. I've just been reading about 'Leaky Gut Syndrome' and how being Celiac fits within that context. It would appear that if you are doing absolutely everything to maximise gut healing only a small amount of quite easy exercise is best, and activities that don't jarr the body are better i.e. running ain't good, cycling better. I suppose it is up to each individual to assess the best course of action FOR THEM. Personally, I think my plan will be to continue exercising but only do around 50% of my normal load, limit any particularly high intensity riding, and re-assess in a few months - particularly when I get a new blood test.
  9. Dh Flare Again.

    FWIW - I'm trying to wean myself off steroid cream for DH by using ice-packs. It's working well so far - a 10min application seems to stave off the itching for ages.
  10. Hair Loss With Dh Rash?

    Well this is one thing Coeliac (sorry Celiac) Disease can't do to me....male pattern baldness got me years ago :-)
  11. First paragraph appeared to confirm my suspicion: http://www.cancer.org/treatment/treatmentsandsideeffects/physicalsideeffects/infectionsinpeoplewithcancer/infectionsinpeoplewithcancer/infections-in-people-with-cancer-immune-suppression i.e. steroids (and the assumption I am making is that this include topical steroids) can reduce white blood cell numbers.
  12. Cheers for the reply. This is the problem though isn't it if you've been used to and enjoyed pushing yourself to see what you can do? My tests don't show lipids but I will bear in mind - I try to eat oily fish at least 3 times a week and other good fat sources too. FWIW - b12/folate are fine and iron is on it's way up so obviously absorbing more (63>77 in 4 months). I think my plan is to keep training at my off season levels for a couple more months until I can get a follow up blood test, and effectively delay racing by a few months. I'll take it from there.... P.S. I've also got a suspicion that the corticosteroid cream Elocon used for DH for the last few years may've played a role in WBC suppression. Just a theory. As per usual with all this it's so hard to look for cause/effect relationships so you can act.
  13. I understand the above work (and in my experience the one I use which is Elocon works well) by supressing immune function to inhibit DH when it flares up. Does this mean over time it can reduce white blood cell count? Mine has gone down since I started using it on a sporadic basis 2.5 years ago. Cheers.
  14. Hi there, diagnosed 4 months ago and been gluten-free ever since. Only ever had mild symptoms including DH. I've been fairly physically fit all my life but last 3 years I've cycled competitively. This has involved intense training and racing. Often >95% of max heart rate and up to 15hours a week of training. I feel absolutely fine and 2012 was my best year ever BUT I know from a bloodtest my white blood cell count is down (neutrophils) over this 3 year period from 5 to 3.7. My question is - is it perhaps time to call it day with this sort of level of regime and take a more modest approach?? Intense exercise does affect the immune system but whether this should stop me doing what I love is up for debate.
  15. Same as the title really....can DH flare-ups be a signal that the body has recently taken in gluten, however small? As per here: http://en.wikipedia....s_herpetiformis FWIW - I've had DH for a couple of years now and found that elocon seems to dampen it down quite well. I tend to use it very sparingly. Lately I'm experimenting with not using the elocon to see if it goes on it's own.