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  1. Thanks for writing so quickly. I had a bad reaction to a medicine last weekend, so I am being very careful. I'll check with Pfizer on Monday. I just looked up Mylanta and may try that. Anyone take it?
  2. I've been reading all the posts about Rolaids and there seems to be some confusion as to whether they truly are gluten free. Some people have mentioned cross contamination and some of the ingredients are questionable. Has anyone called the company? I'm going to call them on Monday but need an antacid now. I get very severe stomach pain if I get glutened, so I am not going to take any chances. What is the consensus?
  3. Thanks for writing back, guys. I've had an endoscopy recently and it came back negative. My esophagus is healthy, as is my stomach. I believe what I have is recurrent heartburn. I can't get in to see my GI doctor until November, so we've been playing phone tag and leaving messages for each other. I've tried taking over the counter antacids and prilosec otc (recommended by doctor) with little relief. I"m looking for the right prescription for me.
  4. Hello, I've been having heartburn each day and my doctor put me on prilosec. I noticed on the box that it should be taken for 14 days. I am still suffering from heart burn and would like to take something. I tried Protonix but the side effects are making me feel more sick than I was before. Does anyone take Prilosec everday and how long have you used it for? Are there any ill effects for taking it longer than 2 weeks?
  5. Thanks for your advice everyone. I am currently taking multivitamins and calcium supplements and I do get a lot of rest. Rikki Tikki, it does seem to make sense that our immune systems can't fight off infections as well because we've been sick. I will have to ask my doctor about that.
  6. Hey everyone, Ever since I've been diagnosed with celiac disease, I have been sick with stomach viruses and the flu more often. I am rarely completely healthy and when I do get sick, I seem to stay ill longer than my family and friends.. I am curious if anyone has found any information on whether having celiac disease decreases immunity and lengthens illness duration. Have you heard any info on this subject from your doctors?
  7. Hi guys, thanks for writing back. I have been tested for food allergies and the only thing that came up as an intolerance was soy. That's not in the bread. I have a dedicated toaster, so I don't think that's it either. I've been raking my brain and can't seem to discover what it is about the bread. Everything else I've been eating is also gluten free, so I don't know what it is. So frustration though.... I"ll keep searching
  8. Thanks for writing back so quickly. I'll try what you mentioned.
  9. I suspect I was glutened from the Whole Foods white sandwich bread I've been eating. I've been keeping a log, and over the past 6 days I've had toast 4 times. Within 2-3 hours I've been horribly sick. On the days when I didn't eat the toast, I was starting to feel better. I know they have a dedicated bakery, but I suspect I've been glutened from this loaf of bread. Have you had any problems?
  10. I am in need of some serious comfort foods. I believe I was unintentionally glutened a few hours ago and I'm not sure what to eat. What do you eat when you get glutened? How long does it take for your stomach pain and nausea to subside? Thanks, Jen
  11. Thanks for your replies. I can't imagine that gluten would be added to wine, but you never know. Have you had any reactions to wine? Thanks, Jen
  12. Hi, I've been gluten-free for about a year and would like to try drinking some white wine. I'm not sure whether there are some additives I should know about. Is all wine gluten-free? Can you suggest some gluten-free brands? Thank you, Jen
  13. Hey everyone, I was prescribed Naproxen by Teva and when I tried to call the company there was a message saying that their line has been disconected. I've checked glutenfreedrugs.com and the Wheaton website and the Teva Naproxen is not listed. Has anyone verified whether it is gluten free? Thanks.
  14. I went to an allergist to be tested for food allergies. The allergist I went to was affiliated with my ENT, for some reason. I was tested for all foods over the period of 3 weeks. I suspected I had a soy intolerance and was always very nauseous. I have an HMO, so I needed to get a referral from my PCP. Perhaps you can ask your PCP more about the testing and whether you'd be a good candidate.
  15. Lisa, I'm so sorry you're feeling horrible. I almost didn't finish graduate school because I was so sick. I know how hard it is to go to classes and feel awful. when is your doctor appointment? I really hope you can find out the source of your pain soon.
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