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  1. Geez, I thank you so much for all your trouble, I really appreciate it! I’ll post something if they ever respond to me.
  2. Wow, thank you so much! yes, I am in US, I believe dr reddys is from India, but have plants here in US. I just ordered a refill and will have tomorrow, but I take the 100 mg tablets. I came across a Post on another celiac support group from years ago stating they were not gluten-free, so I emailed...
  3. Hi, im finding old posts and tried to email/call and haven’t gotten a call back yet. Does anyone know if these are in fact gluten free? It would explain A LOT if they were not, back to the drawing board if they are. Any feedback anyone received from the come would be greatly appreciated. ...
  4. Thank you! I knew Cheerios was a farce, and lucky charms, I’ve had reactions to both a long time ago when they first came out as gluten-free, I just assumed it was cc from my family by accident.
  5. Hi, I have been gluten free (or try very hard to be) for 5 years now. I recently went on vacation and stuck to fruit in its natural form non cut, and protein bars. I ate Natures Bakery gluten-free blueberry fig bars and gluten-free raspberry fig bars. While I was in the sun fully sunblocked, I...