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  1. I talked to a ND,about my son,he asked a lot of questions,most of the answers were YEs!!! It was amasing.one of the questions was about flat foot.
  2. Hello,all I wondered if any one here has flat foot? thanks
  3. My son had both these symptomes,and both are much better now.
  4. Hello Laura, Did you have any more egg?I didn t dare to give my son yet,but would you please tell us if you had more eggs,and how many days were in between. thanks elisabet
  5. Thank you laura,please give an uppdate on egg. My son is also gfdf,soy free and egg free,it is now 5 month and I am going to intoduce egg again,but don t dare .He also had hair loss which is much better now. how was your hair loss ?was it patchy?
  6. Congratulations,!!Isn t it wonderful?can you please give a list of all the foods that you have eliminated?what about sugar?