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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Sorry you are sick. I believe that one of their pasta sauces, labeled gluten-free/DF, made me ill. I called them and they are currently testing some sauce from that batch. I haven't heard back yet though. I'm not planning on buying any more of their products either at this point.
  3. I thought about the corn intolerance (used to think I had one, but turned out to be lots of sources of hidden gluten I wasn't catching); I seem to handle other sources of corn just fine. I have only gotten sick when I actually try to make real meals (like shepard's pie - had both the corn starch and olive oil, or a chuck roast with gravy that uses corn starch - got a very slight stomach upset, so I am thinking it wasn't the corn starch and maybe CC or just in my head). All my gluten-free cereals are corn-based and don't give me problems. Oh, well, thanks for the input. I hope I find the source too. Right now, my bets are on the olive oil.
  4. Hi, I am trying to find a source of hidden gluten - may have been Kroger brand olive oil or Argo cornstarch (more likely the starch, but don't know for sure; ultimately, it could be anything). I searched the site and found that some of you have mentioned using Argo without problems. Anyone have problems with either of these? Anyone with the Delphi list - can you tell me if this cornstarch is made in a gluten-free facility or on gluten-free lines? I appreciate the help.
  5. I hate being baited too, Deb. And, I'm the type that can barely resist I also hate using public restrooms, esp. when my celiac disease problems kick in
  6. Ohh, Tiffany, what were your muffins? I can't eat dairy either, so I'm interested in what you did. Are these on the recipe thread? Sorry to distract from the love
  7. I love my husband too (and hate the guilt from not mentioning it earlier..... Shhhh, don't tell him ) I also love that although I am in the office, today is an "easy" day and I can check in on the board
  8. I love it when people don't hold grudges I love patience (just wish I had more) I love the Buddist idea that the feeling of seperateness is the source of human suffering (makes you just want to give people hugs and help them heal) I love my kitties - especially when they crawl onto my lap and fall asleep. I love that I have two males, but they get along and give each other kisses regularly I love beaches - I only wish we treated them better I love greenspace, birds, wildlife, flowers.......all things natural. They bring peace to my world of concrete. I love taking public transportation I love that even when my husband is frustrated with me and calls me a "pill", he is still loving and willing to help me I love how yoga and running make me feel I love poetry (and have gotten into Def Poetry Jams on HBO) I love my freckles I love it when girls with normal bodies are comfortable with themselves (their sense of confidence helps me feel confident) I love reading, learning I love museums (esp. natural history) I love art I love self-expression (does this cover art, this tread, tattoos? whatever makes you you) I love that I fall in love with people so easily (I am not speaking of romantic love here - more like brotherly/sisterly/friendship love). I love that we can recognize what we love
  9. Robbin's last hate brought tears to my eyes ---- too true! Thanks, ChelsE....I've been a grad student recluse for the past 3 years, so I am a bit out of the loop. Here's another: I hate how my inner anoexic is smirking that I now have to be so anal about food (I'm in 6+ years of recovery from a "mild form" of an eating disorder and this obsessiveness doesn't help) I do love this thread........
  10. I love that most of you hate what I hate I hate having to be prepared, bringing food with me everywhere. I hate that I have been sick on and off for months because of hidden gluten. I hate that I am losing my hair because of gluten. I hate not being able to kiss my husband. I hate having to explain to my eating habits to people (Mind your own business!) I hate that I live in a big city and can't/don't eat at restaurants and I hate that I only feel safe eating what I've made I hate getting sick from someone else's food when they've tried so hard I hate that money is so important and that I can't afford to be an "intellectual" as a career I hate when people are so negative, caustic, etc. in their thinking and assumptions of others when that attitude and b%$@#ing doesn't solve the problem they are gripping about (this has nothing to do with the board, by the way). And yet, they keep b%$@#ing to me as if I can solve their problem!! I hate that I have a masters degree and only get paid $8/hr I hate that almost all of the good musicians are dead I hate the way that media portrays science I hate that I am probably considered a poser-indie-emo whatever because I like haiku, yoga, and have a respect for Buddist philoposphy; I hate how these things have become trendy (takes away from the real meaning) I hate that I can't remember everything I hate and I hate that I will have to add to this thread when I remember
  11. Chapstick is gluten free (the regular flavors anyway) - I have checked this 2x, most recently only a couple of months ago.
  12. I've had the Gluten Free Pantry cornbread mix without any problems (though it is not as tasty as my prior diagnosis standby - Jiffy.....mmmmmm).
  13. This is kind of an old thread, but just wanted to see if anyone else has more recent information about a celiac rxn from tattooing? I have 3 tattoos, never had any problems, but all before being dxd. I will be getting one worked on in a couple of weeks. Also, I am not terribly worried about what is in tattoo ink myself. Our water, fish, air, etc. all have compounds that we are exposed to daily that are equally, if not worse, for you. But all risk is relative......
  14. I had Stoneyfield soy yogurt and got very ill from it. Not fun. But everyone's different, so I hope you all have better luck.
  15. Pamela's makes a chocolate cake mix as well as a brownie mix. Both are great!
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