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  1. Gabby - we have so much to talk about re Croatia! Rather than hijack the thread I'll PM you instead...

  2. The first year of going gluten free I had terrible cramps in my leg muscles, the bottoms of my feet, and in my hips. At the same time I was rapidly losing weight and going through regular unintentional glutenings from foods that I didn't realize contained gluten (like flavoured potato chips, salad...
  3. My left ear itches like there's a tiny butterfly fluttering around in there. NOTHING eases the itching! i haven't scratched until it bled, but I have thought about putting a fork down there to see if it helps. It took me eons to figure it out....but it turns out when I eat popcorn, I get the flutter...
  4. I just got a list of gluten-free foods from Kraft Foods (http://www.kraftcanada.com/assets/docs/KLG_all.pdf) and they say that their Maxwell House instant coffee is gluten-free. I had heard that all instant coffee cannot be gluten-free because of something they add on the production line to...
  5. It was a generic no-label brand. I should have known better. If it doesn't specifically say gluten-free, then I should run away from it...
  6. This is the first time I've used arrowroot flour...and I didn't even eat it. I used it to flour a board to prevent some food from sticking. It is pretty powdery and I ended up inhaling some of it and immediately felt that glutened feeling (for me it is a bit of a headache followed by a feeling...
  7. You can do this (what's the alternative?). What it takes is lots of educating yourself on the ins-and-outs of this disease, and then you must be prepared. Always. Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed or sorry for having this disease. Sure it might be a bummer when it comes to things like picnics...
  8. As soon as I have gluten, my stomach feels like I've eaten an entire horse and I feel extraordinarily full. My stomach starts rumbling and I will feel like I want to jump out of my skin. Within the hour I get a feeling like someone has hit me across the midsection with a big flat metal shovel....
  9. Hi, I had similar episodes a couple years ago that turned out to be my blood sugar rising very quickly. This usually would happen to me following a high-carb meal. This could be your body adjusting to your new way of eating....but it could also be a blood sugar problem. It is something worth...