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  1. My Mom has been having a pain like what everyone describes here. In her case it was caused by a Hiatus Hernia. Just wanted to put this on here in case anyone continues having unresolved issues.
  2. Yes, although its not my biggest complaint. I also have an issue where if I'm doing something else and someone starts talking to me and I don't really hear them, I won't hear them at all. Actually, thinking about it now I do have problems with it sounding like people are mumbling a lot! Your...
  3. Have you considered the possibility of Gluten Ataxia? See if any of the other symptoms of it sounds like you. I was gluten-free and I still developed G.A. due to trace amounts of gluten. Hope you figure it out and feel better! Edit: Just thought to mention I have swollen lymph nodes too....
  4. Hey, I'm from Ontario as well and have suffered from some Celiac induced psoriasis myself. My Mom's psoriasis also turned into psoriatic arthritis recently. If you need any help finding places to shop feel free to message me, I've only been doing this about 6 months but I've learned a thing or two...