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  1. They sell this at ethnic stores where I live. I first bought it at Jerusalem Market, but have seen it at some small India grocery stores too. It is heavy flour and the gentleman who sold it to me said it was to make "sweet breads and treats". His english was not good so when he started to try to tell me what to cook with it I was lost. I suggest that you don't use more than 1/4 of this flour in your regular mixture the first time you cook with it. We made apple muffins and they were more heavy and a bit sticky and dense. The taste was not bad. You will have to play around and see what the correct ratio is for your recipes. I think it is worth a try! At least this flour has protein in it and many gluten-free flours don't have much at all.
  2. Sometimes my family eats out (when we are not near home) and I may have to sit there with them. I am careful not to touch the chair because someone with wheaty hands just touched it before I got there. I don't touch the table for the same reason. I don't order a drink because the server will also be carrying wheaty junk to other people. I put my hands in my lap and I don't touch anything. I wash my hands before I leave and then use hand sanitizer in the car. I am not nuts or anything. I don't like to make myself sick. When I walked into a Subway shop with my family, I had to leave. I had my daughter open the door for me so I could walk around then go sit in my car -- at least it was a nice day. That place the smell of wheat and bread was so strong it made my stomach feel bad and I knew I did not belong there. We do have to protect ourselves and for me that means those are toxic places. If I am really careful I won't get sick. One little mistake like touching a chair to pull it out and I could easily get sick. The door handle as you go out is "wheaty" too. I hope you feel better.
  3. http://www.ehlers-danlos.org/ This is a good site for Ehlers Danlos, it is free, they have a message board and it is located in England. The site in USA is a pay site only. I think medical information should be available to us for free. (Also people on the site I posted say they don't know what they are paying for, there is less information available at the US site than the one listed above.)
  4. Over a year before I went Gluten Free, they told me to stop the Dairy. All of it. Doctor told me to drink soy milk for protein. I did not like the taste and could not get much down at all. Just a few ounces a day (never more than 8, more often 4 oz) was enough to mess up my thyroid blood work. Doctor said she would increase my thyroid medication so I could continue to use soy. I just stopped the soy and my bloodwork went back to normal. The soy was blocking my body from absorbing and using my thyroid hormones I need to live. I do not need soy to live. Think of it, if some days I got 2 oz soy milk, some days 8 oz cooked in food I would have to figure a different dosage of thyroid medication? That would be way to hard for something I just don't trust the safety of or enjoy the taste. I have had my thyroid destroyed due to Graves disease years ago. Soy is not safe for me at all, verified by blood tests! I was actually glad, that stuff was so nasty.
  5. I can have eggs, but you might try to replace them and see what happens. gluten-free Banana Muffins Yield 1 1/2 dozen muffins Bake 350 F. for about 25 minutes Wet – mix in bowl 3 bananas, soft and ripe 1/2 cup margarine, soft or 1 /2 cup cooking oil 3 eggs 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla 3 Tbsp milk (or water) or soy milk Dry – mix in another bowl 1/2 cup almond flour 2 1/2 cups flour mix of your choice (listed below) 1 Tbsp Xanthan Gum 1 Tbsp baking powder 3/4 tsp baking soda 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup chopped nuts if desired (I skip them) Heat oven to 350 F. Mash bananas with mixer then add other wet ingredients in order listed. Mix well. In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients and stir. Mix wet and dry ingredients and stir till flour is completely mixed in. Do not overmix. Drop batter into muffin cups lined with papers. Batter is very thick. Bake till tops are browned. I have reduced the temp a little (old recipe called for 375 F. for 20 minutes) because they were browning too fast. Bake approx 25 minutes. Muffins were bumpy on top, but they taste good! Note: If you don’t have Almond flour, use 3 cups of your flour mix. You can throw in 1 Tbsp ground flax seed for fiber and the healthy oils if you want to the flour mix. Store Almond flour and Flax seed in fridge or freezer or they will spoil. Bette’s Featherlight Rice Flour Mix: (New from gluten-free Gourmet Bakes Bread) Rice Flour 3 cups Tapioca flour 3 cups Cornstarch 3 cups Potato Flour 3 Tbsp My flour blend: Asian White Rice Flour 2 cups Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour 1 cup Tapioca Flour 3 cups Cornstarch 3 cups Potato Starch 3 Tbsp __________________________________________________________ Donut Maker Recipes gluten-free Recipe Plain Donuts 1/2 Recipe Yield 9 1 egg 1/2 cup sugar 2/3 cup milk 2 1/2 Tbsp vegetable oil 1/4 tsp vanilla 1 cup gluten-free flour 2 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp salt 1/8 tsp cinnamon Beat eggs. Slowly add sugar. Stir in milk and mix thoroughly. Add oil and vanilla to mixture. Sift all dry ingredients together and blend into egg mixture. Beat slowly for 30 seconds or until batter is smooth. If batter thickens, add 2 to 4 tablespoons of water or milk replacement. Batter should always pour easily. Bake approximately 3 1/2 min. Flour mix I used: 1/8 cup Almond flour 1/4 cup Buckwheat flour 1 cup Asian White rice flour 1 cup Bob’s Red Mill brown rice flour Extra flour was saved for another batch in ziplock bag in fridge The plain donuts were not too exciting. The cherry ones have much more flavor from the juice they come in. Cherry Donuts Yield 9 ---- We like the Cherry Donuts best 1 egg 1/2 cup sugar 10 chopped maraschino cherries and some juice + some milk (water) replacement to make 2/3 cup 2 1/2 Tbsp vegetable oil 1 cup gluten-free flour 2 tsp baking powder 1/8 tsp salt Beat eggs. Slowly add sugar. Stir in milk and mix thoroughly. Add oil and vanilla to mixture. Sift all dry ingredients together and blend into egg mixture. Beat slowly for 30 seconds or until batter is smooth. If batter thickens, add 2 to 4 tablespoons of water or milk replacement. Batter should always pour easily. Bake approximately 3 1/2 min. Flour mix I used: 1/8 cup Almond flour 1/4 cup Buckwheat flour 1 cup Asian White rice flour 1 cup Bob’s Red Mill brown rice flour Extra flour was saved for another batch in ziplock bag in fridge Glaze with a little powdered sugar and water and vanilla if desired. Dingo Girl, that is one reason I have not bought myself a toaster, or baked bread. It also just does not look right when I see gluten-free bread at the store and it is too expensive. I don't want to eat too much of that kind of thing. Since I don't have any, it is easier to say "Bread is BAD!" (It is for me anyway) and just not have bread. I do understand trying to avoid foods you don't want to overeat. The donuts are made less than once a month and my family helps me eat them so I don't actually get 9 little donuts. They are smaller than the ones made now, so it is not a problem if someone had 2 of them. The banana muffins are often breakfast and they are smaller than the ones you would buy at a coffeehouse or store. I just have one of them in a day and not daily. They freeze well. I hope you find foods you like and feel better.
  6. I hope you are feeling better after your "extreme gluten" experience. Your body took it's time but then it yelled really loud so you could not ignore the messages it was sending. I still want pizza, but I know it will hurt me. I find it odd that the cheat food were things I make gluten-free and dairy free. I have a little donut maker that is like a waffle iron type thing and I make cherry fried cake donuts. (You can buy the Daisy Donut Factory type things on eBay or a garage sale, I don't think they make them now) Banana muffins are the only other "bread" thing I make and they are gluten-free too. Take care of yourself and feel better.
  7. A reply to the original post: I have been a member here for a year, but I know that so many others have much more experience and some have the scientific answers with all the lab results and numbers. I am glad to have a place to come and look at the recipes, lists of gluten-free products everyone verifies by phone or email, and the experience of people who have dealt with this for years. I don't have too much to add right now ..... someday I will be part of the group who knows all sorts of things that will help newbies. It is a good place to start learning about living gluten-free, not eveything will apply to everyone but a lot of it will.
  8. Welcome! I am interested in your favorite foods and snacks. Maybe you have some great things to teach us. I hope you find some of the posts interesting.
  9. I think about it, especially real pizza. I don't actually DO anything about my cravings because I don't want to be sick. It is not worth it to me to have D, migraine and those awful cramps. Since I can't have dairy, pizza would be doubly bad for me. Pizza does not sound so good once you think it through. (At least for me)
  10. I have not ever been vegan. Meat was served with dinner each day as I grew up, rarely with breakfast or lunch. The serving size of meat was about 4 oz. For a meat serving, think deck of cards or normal sized computer mouse. Now that I am gluten-free, dairy free and avoid soy almost completely (I can't quite get away from all soybean oil yet) I NEED some meat each day. I don't digest beans well, they make me very sick so they are out too. I can manage a little nuts, but that will not replace the protein if I don't have the meat. I eat very boring meals. I do not buy or bake gluten-free bread, so I have not had any peanut butter in a couple of years. I am not quite hungry enough to eat it plain from the jar and I have nothing to spread it on. (Bread went with dairy because all the supermarket breads also had milk) I eat organic whole chicken, roasted in the oven. I eat Piedmont beef which is very low fat and organic and similar to bison in nutrition. I eat an occasional small steak (deck of cards size when cooked) and quinoa, potato and rice and veggies and fruits. I do not eat pasta (any type) and I keep eggs to less than 2 a week. Most weeks I do not use any. I also do not eat fish. I don't like it and where I live you can't get it fresh. I have issues with the contamination of fish and can't make myself eat it. I had tuna once last year and I could hardly make myself eat it because I found the taste so unpleasant. I can't afford to feel bad for eating the only protien in my day. I know I should increase the protein amount I get daily. The meat contributes roughly 30 - 40 grams a day. It varies from the grains, quinoa has more than rice, but I don't know if I have had a 50 gram protein day in the last couple of years. This is one area I need to work on. I do not follow a diet "typical" in any way! If you have found a way to get the nutrition and not eat meat and it is working for you, that is fine. I know I would be starving without my 4 oz Piedmont beef patty or small serving of chicken. I am sure I have other food intolerances that I have not figured out yet. My foods are a work in progress.
  11. You have been nice about it several times -- now it is time to get tough. You were here first, it is your stuff. Tell roomie that they will have to MOVE if they can't respect your food, dishes and things. Then stick to it. This might be the only way to pound it into roomie's head that this is serious business and they CAN'T take your things. If you can get your stuff together in one cupboard, and one fridge shelf that might help some. Mark your food clearly with tape or stickers so they can't say -- "I did not know it was YOUR peanut butter" or similar things. Of course you don't want it with thier wheat bread crumbs in it -- free food for them. Good luck -- you might have to give up this friend in order to take care of yourself. They are not a friend if they willingly make you sick time after time though. Edit: Ask this roomie how she would like you to put syrup of ipecac in her food. Just hidden so she would get it as a surprise with no warning. Tell her that is the same effect wheat will have on you!
  12. Welcome Dr. Russ. I read more than I post because I feel like I have a lot to learn after nearly a year gluten-free. Thanks for joining us and I look forward to your insights and posts. I hope you feel better soon from your glutening.
  13. I just checked online and it is at least 10 miles to the closest Whole Foods from the hotel DH will be at (outside of Chicago). With no car, that is a very long way. If I go more than 2 days on little snacks my blood sugar gets trashed because you end up with more sugar than protein and then I fall down. I can't do soy or dairy so choices are limited. I really need at least one small meal a day plus snacks. Almonds only go so far to replace meals. They might have a different store in the area, but I don't know.
  14. I am not good at eating out yet. The few times I have tried I get very sick. I was being as careful as possible, asking about ingreients and explaining no wheat, no dairy. Since I only eat out when I am too far from home to eat there, this means I get sick when I have a long car ride and they don't mix well. I have multiple food problems too. I would worry about asking for a plate at Starbucks. The person who hands it to you has JUST finished serving muffins to someone else. Even if you get that person to wash their hands (not too likely in most places), what about the person who stacked the plates -- they might have done that after handling wheat foods. It is pretty much guaranteed that if I eat outside my own home, I am going to get sick. My extended family has not made any changes and they don't plan to, so there will always be wheat and dairy in every food and on every counter top and plate. If I want to not get sick, it is something little like a Lara Bar and maybe a Coke. It does stink. I could go to Chicago for a few days while my husband is on a business trip. I would be totally on my own during the days. I have NO IDEA what I could eat for several days. There is no fridge or microwave so I am not sure I want to go. It could easily turn out to be several days of illness in a hotel room, and not knowing if I am able to make the ride home. It comes down to do I want to make myself sick or not because I can't control food outside of my home. Not eating when the others did was very smart even if it points out that you are not able to eat wheat or junk food anymore. I hope the rest of your trip was good.
  15. Yes -- I want to quit too! Today I was hungry and there was no one in the house but me (to see if I was cheating) and I looked at the pizza full of gluten, cheese and tomato with pepperoni (nitrates). I LOVE pizza! I can't have any of the parts of it though. Soy is out for me, no dairy, and doc said tomatoes were too acid. I can't even have the gluten-free kind. Anyway, I just looked at it and thought about how sick I would be. Would it be an hour till I get sick or maybe a couple? I did not eat the pizza. It is still sitting in the fridge. I have a husband and 2 teens who have no desire to go gluten-free. I just have to be responsible for myself and not eat the bad stuff.
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