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  1. My daughter was diagnosed at 14 and now at 26 I can tell you she has a full and active social life. She drinks gluten...
  2. Ha! Maybe it is MA! I don't mean to make light of the issue, I know for someone just diagnosed it all can seem daunting...
  3. I agree with the post above, getting the gluten out of your system doesn't take that long but the damage it does can...
  4. I was diagnosed so long ago that I didn't have any of the options that are available today. I curious about if you are...
  5. I'm a gluten-free vegetarian. That being said I was taking prednisone for 2 months (unrelated to my celiac) and got a...
  6. pixiegirl

    Restaurants In Cape Cod, Ma?

    I just had dinner there myself a couple of weeks ago. They do a good job. I feel really lucky that we have all sorts...
  7. pixiegirl

    Restaurants In Cape Cod, Ma?

    Our real season is July 4 - Labor Day. We certainly do have people coming on weekends now but there is no back up at...
  8. pixiegirl

    Restaurants In Cape Cod, Ma?

    They are on my list and I've not been there yet. I'm going to take my mom over there soon their menu is so nice! ...
  9. pixiegirl

    Restaurants In Cape Cod, Ma?

    I know this is an old topic but the Cape Cod season is going to start again soon. On the first page of this thread my...
  10. Hmmmm very interesting I'll have to keep an eye on this. It's always something!
  11. Really? Gluten symptoms with MSG... interesting. is MSG contaminated with gluten or what? I know a lot of people have...
  12. Ugh, I feel for you with the leg of lamb thing. Stuffed don't do it. I got better fairly quickly so I am leaning away...
  13. I thought about the lettuce too... it looked fresh but who knows. I'm leaning toward the seasoning. Thanks for your...
  14. I've been on this list for a long time but life has been very crazy (both good and bad) and I've been gluten-free for...
  15. My daughter is going away to school in a month, she will be living in the dorms. We have a lot of favorite salad dressings...