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  1. I think grains can cause demineralization through 1) being very acid and 2) containing phytic acid. Of course, lots of foods contain phytic acid, such as nuts, seeds, grains, and to a lesser extent some veggies. There are a few books out about grains - dangerous grains maybe is one title name. I can't recall.
  2. You say your joints hurt and your teeth are dissolving in front of you - I would suggest cutting out grains entirely - all of them. They demineralize the body and can cause joint pain and demineralization of teeth. If you have joint pain you might also want to see if you are eating a lot of nightshades (tomato, potato, eggplant, peppers (not black pepper) and tobacco). If so, you should quit those too to see if the pain goes away. I have Celiac and have had it actively since I was a toddler. I have had amazing teeth my whole with only one shallow cavity (I'm 42) - and that was when I had braces and it was hard to clean the old choppers. In the past year, my front teeth have started to look clear and I have pains in my teeth whenever I eat brown rice and other high acid demineralizing foods. That would be my advice to you - try one or both of those eliminations. No grains is a bit difficult at first - we are really used to eating grains. You can use quinoa and amaranth to substitute, but know that they have mineral blocking qualities as well. Take a good calcium supplement and see if that helps. Good luck. Sherri
  3. I've been doing the low fomap diet with amazing success (way less bloating, farting, etc.) I am having trouble getting enough fiber, because I also go grain free for the most part (teeth hurt when I eat brown rice, and just do better grain free all in all, so that is a bit of an issue for me that I'm working on. Here is my question: If aduki/adzuki beans are fermented into MISO, are the sugars in them that would otherwise bother me (fodmap) be already digested up by the bacterias in the miso. This is soy free miso, and gluten free miso. I am trying it out to see how I do on it, I just wondered what you all thought about it. Logically, it seems that miso would be okay on low fodmap - okay as the only way to eat beans. Also, if fermenting does eat sugars, couldn't fermenting other veggies that are off limits also make them back on limits? Hmmmmmm. Also, why does the low fodmap diet lady say you can eat peanuts when they are a legume? Seems odd to me. I don't really go with the book; rather just got a list of the foods online and eliminated them all - have not officially added any back but have noticed right away with garlic, onions, and beans, the times I did "cheat". Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. BRUMI1968

    Vitamin D Deficiency

    OH MY GOSH I'M SO SORRY ..DYSLEXIA ATTACK. It is D3 that is the natural one that is the better one to take. I'm so sorry. That is also the one Dr. Mercola talks about - and why you should choose it over D2. Good luck.
  5. When I was a little girl, I often had blood in my stool caused by fissures. These are tiny cracks in the sphincter or the skin down there, whatever it literally is. This is caused by constant constipation. Some things you can do BESIDES cure the constipation, which would obviously be the best thing, is not to use harsh soaps on the bottom. These dry out the skin further and make fissures more common. Also, more and more I am really doubting these celiac tests. I know I'm talking out of school here, but I have met so many people who not only have symptoms, but who have gotten substantially better going gluten free, but still test out negative. The tests are not as good as your experience on a gluten free diet. I would definitely try your daughter out on a gluten-free and dairy free diet and see if her Constipation and Vomiting get better. It can really change her life if she does not have to grow up with those things, the way I did. Take good care. Sherri
  6. BRUMI1968

    Messed Up Constipation

    Sorry. I keep thinking of other things. I don't know how much water you are drinking, or if the drinking water changes from weekeday to weekend, but one can demineralize oneself with lots of water. I hope you figure it out.
  7. BRUMI1968

    Messed Up Constipation

    Oh, and as a counterpoint, even a drop of ghee gets me constipated. I'm dairy free. I know it is supposed to be lactose and casein free, but it gets me every time. Just tried it a couple days ago (and went two days w/o pooping. ug.)
  8. BRUMI1968

    Messed Up Constipation

    This is never a popular thing to say (and being someone who grew up suffering from Celiac and having her parents and doctors accuse her of being a hypochondriac, I agree)...but it sounds like it might be influenced by a mental state...have something to do with the fact that you have school on those days. Are there any bathrooms at your school that are private? When I was in college a few years ago, I HATED going at school...but my schedule was such that it was not hard to just go when I got home. And then this last summer when I worked at a kids camp from 8am to noon, I could never go in the mornings before leaving. It really does disturb me not to have a nice safe private place to go to the bathroom. Not germs...but other stuff...like the way it might take me 20 minutes to really get things done. That sort of thing. I wait to go to the bathroom at work until my boss is at lunch because his office is next to the toilet and the walls are thin, and I don't like feeling rushed. Is it possible that it is something mental with your schedule? The only other things I can think of are: if you normally go at say 8:15 - where are you at 8:15 on M-F? Could you get to the bathroom at that exact same time? Do you eat the same things during the week that you do at home? Are you eating something for snacks or "on the road" type food? If so, what are those things and what do they have in common - or how are they different from what you eat on the weekend. Have you looked into sugar malabsorption problems - low fodmap diet, etc.? If you are eating those foods, that might influence it. I don't know. I'm into really examining all facets of why something might be happening. I hope I did not offend by wondering if it might be something emotionally charged or intellectually charged that is affecting you -- I know that can get annoying when it sounds like folks discount your symptoms or your ill health. I in no way want to do that. Take care. Sherri
  9. BRUMI1968

    Vitamin D Deficiency

    Hi. Most vitamin D does not come from food for us, it comes from the sun. I don't know where you live but I assume it's in the northern hemisphere, which means we're getting out of the sunny season. Supplements are practically mandatory for everyone in North America - and D2 is the supplement you want, NOT D3. It is also important to have Vit. A to absorb properly the Vit. D. When sunshine comes back, don't use sunscreen for at least part of the day, and get at least enough sun to get your skin barely pink. Once your skin is pink, you are no longer absorbing the D. D is so important - they actually say it is not really a vitamin but a hormone. Anyway, I would definitely supplement with Vitamin D2. Check out mercola.com about Vitamin D. He has a lot to say about it. You certainly don't have to buy his Vitamin D supplement, but there's lots of good info on Vitamin D on his site. Good luck.
  10. Hi. I would definitely 100% do the celiac panel first and foremost. Something else comes to my mind right away, and that is an inability to digest certain sugars well. It looks like your diet is fairly high in carbohydrates. I recently tried something called the low fodmap diet. Fodmaps are sugars that ferment quickly in the bodies of some folks, making them full of gas and discomfort and fatigue and ... (many potential symptoms). When I cut out all the high fodmap foods, I stopped being bloated probably within seven days. I started to feel better all around - fatigue got better (admittedly, I also started taking iron supplementation), stomach felt better, etc. If you google it, you can find out more info like which foods to eat and which not to. The idea is to take them out of the diet and then stabilize (hopefully get better) and then add them back one family at a time to see which families bother you. To be honest, I've felt so much better that I have not wanted to add any of them back in. So I pretty much eat low fodmap all the time and will probably continue to do so. Something to consider. Small bowel bacterial overgrowth is another one, but I do think also that high fodmap foods, in folks that are prone to poorly digest them, will contribute to that. Good luck to you.
  11. BRUMI1968

    Vertigo And Gluten Connection

    On B12 - a sublingual is just as effective as injections, at least the one I was taking. I as borderline deficient two years ago; then a year ago, after pounding some B12 for about 2 or 3 months, I was WAY OVER...and this was from taking sublinguals. They were called PERQUE I think, but anyway, I was glad to know they were working! (I am working on anemia right now, and don't know if that was a contributing factor to the weird feelings I was getting - but I am getting much better on the anemia since I quit drinking tea w/i two hours of drinking, and starting eating red meat - veggie for 20 years!)
  12. BRUMI1968

    Nightmares About Getting Glutened?

    Funny. I've had several. They typically involve a family dinner where I eat bread. Then I realize, oh crap, i forgot I can't eat bread. For me there is never the sense that I thought something was gluten-free when it wasn't - it's that I just spaced out and ate bread. Then I worry in the dream how I will get sick, vomiting or crazy pooping. I typically stop having the dream before I find out, though in one dream I had the same worries but the only facility was an outhouse. Ug.
  13. BRUMI1968

    Bloating Constantly

    I was the bloat queen, even years after going gluten-free, CF, SF, etc....everythingF. I finallly tried the low fodmap diet, and that has really helped. Sorry I don't have a link, but if you google it, you'll find out more...or even search this board. Good luck.
  14. BRUMI1968

    Vertigo And Gluten Connection

    Just a quick additional note. I have not had vertigo proper for a while now, but I do still get a sort of strange feeling like my vision is not quite right, I'm not totally balanced, slightly lightheaded etc. Last month I remember telling myself, hey, it's right around your period and you feel this again - watch for it next month. Sure enough, period came and feel slightly dizzy and strange. So that is something to consider as well. I don't think I'm getting glutened - had myself tested some time ago for antibodies and it looked like I was clean. Anyway, just another sidenote. I'm going to look into the ataxia thing too, though. I definitely feel I have something neuro going on, but don't have the insurance to have it checked out. Taking iron helped it, and B12 helped it, but nothing seems to quite cure it. Good luck.
  15. Hi there. Just wanted to say that I had celiac as a kid (and still do, obviously) and my main symptom was always constipation, to the point of having blood in my stools frequently. Ug. I wish my parents had figured it out, and I'm so happy to hear you're on the right path! (Me? Diagnosed at 37 years old!) Sherri