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  1. For what it's worth, I tried provigil and found it made me agitated and unable to sleep but no less fatigued than before.
  2. Ker, to get research done, your best bet is to find a pulmonologist (who deals with narcolepsy) and a gastroenterologist (who deals with celiac disease) who is well-established in getting research grants! This combination doesn't sound too likely, but you never know. Perhaps a large university...
  3. laughs8, interesting about the Medipro mix! I'll definitely look into that. I also have foot pain so our symptoms sound rather similar. Did you use the Medipro in addition to regular meals or in place of? Even LaChoy soy sauce (claimed to be gluten free) seems to be bothering me but I'm not...
  4. I'm beginning to suspect that other food intolerances besides gluten can be a factor in fatigue. Perhaps poor disgestion allows other chemical to impact us in ways that make us tired. I.e., the body is working SO hard to try to metabolize all this stuff. I've started keeping a detailed food...
  5. My understanding is that the stool tests done at Enterolab are more accurate than the blood tests as they measure antibodies in the intestinal tract before they become elevated in the blood stream. They also do a family discount for multiple tests. Definitely worth looking into.
  6. I've had shortness of breath for quite a while (was just diagnosed 3 weeks ago with celiac) and also wonder if it's connected. This disease has so many manifestations that I wouldn't be a bit surprised! When the body can't absorb nutrients, all bets are off as far as your health is concerned. ...
  7. Lee, have you considered a sleep study to check for apnea or periodic leg movements? If you snore and periodically stop breathing while sleeping, apnea is a good hypothesis. Definitely read up on sleep disorders as you may have a condition besides celiac that is causing this symptom. Good luck...