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  1. "...Christ Jesus, who has been become for us wisdom from God: our righteousness, holiness, and redemption." - 1 Corinthians 1:30

  2. RT @MarkDever: “But the work is God’s and we do not fear the final results. ‘The heathen shall be given to His Son for His inheritance,’ .…

  3. RT @wtsbooks: https://t.co/nyQF4O44ZR

  4. RT @CarlHenrySays: "No nation or culture can long survive the absence of transcendent values of absolutes."

  5. RT @tedcruz: Humbled to earn @MikeLeeforUtah's endorsement: https://t.co/oM9VghBPn6 Join the #CruzCrew: https://t.co/ydGvUxTGFw https://t.c…

  6. RT @HopeMommies: "Church was a place of riches after loss." Read more: https://t.co/EYAiV4EiLD #HMBlog #FeedYourSoulSeries https://t.co/KBh…

  7. RT @kevinmooneyhan: I typically work behind the scenes, but with all of the lies I felt compelled to tell you about the @tedcruz I know. ht…

  8. RT @FoxNews: .@tedcruz: “The day after I’m elected president I am the exact same person that I am today.” #Hannity https://t.co/pxfZYTpeM5

  9. RT @HopeMommies: "That we have had any goodness in our lives and have any expectation of goodness for our future is pure grace" -- https://…

  10. RT @Spurgeon_: Jesus has not come into the world to make sin less terrible. Nothing in the gospel excuses sin; nothing in it affords tolera…

  11. RT @tedcruz: WATCH: @realDonaldTrump​: "I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to." —> https://t.co/SDZ7x5KpMM

  12. RT @IngrahamAngle: The @bpolitics focus group in SC liked @TedCruz, described him as "intelligent," "religious," "trustworthy," "knows the …

  13. RT @marklevinshow: Redstate: win for Cruz https://t.co/DS7VCcIIia

  14. RT @HopeMommies: Let's come to Him in need: - https://t.co/J5J7Qw2hqH #HMBlog #FeedYourSoulSeries https://t.co/ERBENPdYSD

  15. RT @MarlenaGraves: When someone claims to have faith in Jesus, he/she must also commit to follow Christ. Jesus taught that faith meant to f…