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  1. I am sorry as well. I too am freaked out about other health related items right now. I know how Dr. Google makes us panic so badly... and yet... It's so hard to stay away. I had neck swelling this summer noted on one of my routine doctor's exams. She rushed me off to get thyroid lab work and a thyroid ultrasound, all of which were normal. Mind you, I have been diagnosed with celiac disease as of three years ago. I do know I have been glutened from time to time at restaurants (UGH). I am not sure if this swelling was from being glutened or what the deal was. But during this time, I googled a lot and got myself worried about lymphoma as you are. I went to my primary care doctor later on this summer and she said my neck wasn't swollen anymore. They never said it was actually a lymph node but if it wasn't my thyroid then I don't know what else it would have been. But now I am seriously always "Checking" my neck by rubbing it. I am not sure I would even be able to tell much but my husband gets upset with me because he says that I will be the one to make my neck swell by rubbing it...he does have a point. Lymphnodes do swell from other things such as viruses and bacteria. Let us know what you find out on your biopsy. I am glad you have a doctor that is being proactive now and wanting you to get things checked out.
  2. I am so sorry that you have to beg them to look after your health. I wish you the best for your test results to come back okay!
  3. I know your post is over a year old and you may not see this. I'm a twenty-five year old female who is on the Illinois side of St. Louis as well. I have never had a true in-life friend who I could relate to with celiac, either. It would be so nice to have someone who understood in real life.
  4. I am twenty-five now. I was diagnosed at age twenty-two.
  5. I agree with you. Also, the more you worry about your health the worse it actually gets. It really is a viscous cycle. Having said that, I'm glad you have doctors who want to continually follow up. I got diagnosed three years ago and have felt my follow ups to be insufficient. I had a CRP this summer for the first time because of some neck swelling I had. It was high. I ate clean, unprocessed, dairy-free, foods for two weeks and had a repeat CRP and it was normal again. I need to keep reminding myself of this. I think it's the best way to eat but I have trouble with it. I also have had trouble getting myself to quit going out to eat in general... I have put myself at risk too much.
  6. I am wondering though, what if I went to a restaurant and it read "gluten found" in my food, then what? I would just sit hungry and pass my plate off to someone else to finish, lol.
  7. Has anyone here had their hands on a Nima sensor yet (or known someone who has)? What is the overall opinion? I love the concept.
  8. I agree. I have developed health anxiety. Major.
  9. True, but he just made an account and that was his only post so far.... lol it IS a support group after all
  10. I have heard this before as well. I have never personally had a problem with rice though, and I eat it frequently in place of meat (like on tacos). I never eat white rice anymore though, I try to go for brown rice. I should probably by the non-instant rice though.
  11. I also wanted to know the answer! I have some red spots showing up and they sound like the angiomas. I had showed them to my primary care doctor and she briefly glanced at them. I can't remember what she called it, but I wasn't sure. I am getting more of them. I know I have been glutened unknowingly this summer quite a few times when eating out. (CRYING OUT OF MY OWN STUPIDITY). My GI doctor did a follow up endoscopy and biopsies this summer which only showed gastritis but no doctor has ran vitamin levels on me for a long time. I am going to try to get established with a new primary care doctor soon so they can look at these spots. I would love to know that they are indeed nothing. I'm unsettled by the fact that I don't want them to be something major. I do need my vitamin levels ran and I think we all should get those checked. I know this summer my platelets were slightly elevated so I know the spots aren't from low platelets. I wish there were more doctors who knew a lot more about celiac disease, because I haven't found one yet who was **extremely** knowledgable on the subject.
  12. The elevated platelets was due to Vitamin K deficiency?
  13. I always assumed plain coffee was, but I have seen some controversy online about this. I know someone who is gluten free and only buys whole beans and grinds them herself because she doesn't trust how the grounds are processed.
  14. Thank you for this response! You are right, I'm sure. My sed rate was normal. My c reactive protein was 6, which is high. My platelets were a bit elevated and I was slightly anemic. I am going tomorrow for another endoscopy. I know that these things could be related to other things... but I'm thinking there is a change they are all still related to celiac (I'm hoping). What other autoimmune disease do you have, if you don't mind me asking?
  15. I would like to know if you have found out the source of your inflammation yet. I'm gluten free three years but my inflammation test was high.
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